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52 Self Discovery Questions - Question #2

2. What are my most important values and how am I living in ways that are not aligned with my values?

I really value the spirit of travel. I think it's incredibly important to go to new places, meet new people, and learn new things. Within reason, of course. Push your boundaries but don't traumatize yourself, y'know? Take calculated risks.

I hate stagnation. I don't like languishing in one place too long. I don't like being around the same people doing all the same things for years and years on end either. Everything is transient. Everything is temporary - that's what makes the experience so important and precious. I end up taking things for granted that just...won't...leave. I even end up kind of resenting them.

I am not living my best life and it's killing me.

While I enjoy traveling and seeing new things, I also really enjoy having a place that's all my own to come back to. A place for this low spoons* introvert to recharge. I don't have such a space at the moment - my dwellings have always been filled with the energy and possessions of others. Energy and possessions that have been slowly encroaching on my peace for years...wearing me down into a tired, nasty remnant of myself. No bueno.

  • I value peace and quiet.
  • I value moments of contemplation.
  • I value silence....
  • I value finding a place in the world that feels right.
  • I value spending time with people who don't drain me.
  • I value my education and learning goals.
  • I value language and effective communication.
  • I value my morning coffee and the right to have a good morning.
  • I value my right to walk away from things that do not serve me.

I need to be honoring those values in my day-to-day life. I need to find a place of my own. I need to save up my money for the things I want to do and the trips I want to take. So I guess it's time to make a game plan - find an apartment, move, and life that best life, girl.

How would you answer this question?
For the complete list of questions, click here.

*Spoon Theory is a disability metaphor for depletion of energy, physical or mental, in those with disability or chronic illness. I use this terminology because I am mentally ill and deal with low energy periods that affect my day-to-day living.


  1. I also hate stangation and I love travelling, exploring new places. However, I like to keep in touch with people with whom I have a lot in common and whom I find reliable. Meeting new people is great, but I think that it's very important for me to have a couple of true friends I can always talk to.
    Have a nice day!
    Mona Bednarska

    1. I agree with that, close friends and companions should be trustworthy, inspiring, and reliable. I think I have yet to really establish a good support network like that.


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