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52 Self Discovery Questions - Questions #10, #11, & #12

Photo by José Luis Photographer from Pexels

10. What's one thing I would like to do less of and why? How can I make that happen?

I want to hide less from the world.

True, I'm an introvert and solitude is often my happy place.

Also true that the world at large can be scary, especially if you're awkward at human interaction or don't know if you're confident you could survive a violent encounter with a stranger...

I'm quite an anxious person and that has definitely held me back over the years from trying new things. I would really like to find ways to ease, slowly but surely, out of my comfort zone in order to actually expand it.

I could do this with the right people, I suppose. Those I trust and feel comfortable with gently encouraging me to go somewhere new with them or attempt an activity out of my wheelhouse. Again, I'd have to be insanely comfortable around that person...and that can take a while for me.

There's so much I'm probably missing and I don't want to anymore. Baby steps, right?

11. What would I like to stop worrying about? What steps can I take to let go of the worry?

Like I just said, I'm an anxious person. I worry about everything, all the time. I guess I would like to stop worrying so much about what certain people think of me. Complete strangers on the bus? Who cares about their opinion... Someone I met via a dating app and am still getting to know? I very much care, almost to the point of stressing about how I present outwardly.

The weird thing is, it's not even so much that I want to be liked or desired. I want to be respected, hell, maybe I want to be inspiring. I'd settle for "You're weird and I'm intimidated, but in a good way". Naturally, I worry that it's obvious how anxious and uncomfortable I am in social settings.

I'm worried that it might put the onus on the other person to make me feel more at ease, but it's my problem and I'm supposed to be the one doing all helping and fixing and managing of situations and...yeah, chronic worrier over here.

So, how do I let go of that worry? How do I move past that anxiety? Here's the thing -- I don't. I just power through it. And once I'm on the other side, I can look back and choose to overthink every stupid thing I said or did OR I can just breathe, let it go, and move on. I'm aiming for the latter these days.

12. How do I move past unpleasant thoughts or experiences?

I'm not sure I can answer this one. I have a lot of trauma to work through and PTSD is no joke. And I'm still very much in the thick of it and will be for years to come. But honestly, adding in memories of good experiences and trying to challenge the icky thoughts and impulses I have has been working out for me. That's why I want to get out and meet new people, have positive associations with things that once hurt me and are hard to deal with now, and maybe someday I won't think I deserve only bad things.

How would you answer these questions?
If you're interested in doing this 52 Question Challenge,
find all of the questions right here!


  1. It's wonderful that you know that you want to get out there more and I hope you do.

    For me, 10 would be to stop being a perfectionist and just let things go. I'm getting better at this, but I still find myself slipping into old habits and working on something trying to get it better and better when what I should be doing is just calling it quits.

    As for 11, I also stress out about everything all the time. I'd like to stop, but it is quite difficult to do just like you said.

    As for 12, I don't really move past them. I just try to think about something else if I can.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  2. I feel as though I have been doing this a bit, slowly though. And as long as I keep moving forward then I'm happy. Thanks for commenting!


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