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Holiday Decor I Want for Next Year

I'm not going to lie - I did not have a great Christmas. Between bottles of beer to numb the reality of grim health diagnoses from certain family members and the awkward nature of trying to deal with that and still be merry ~and~ blinking back tears because another someone made you cry over a silly miscommunication about wanting kids versus not wanting kids - it was absolute shit this Christmas and there's no avoiding that.

The good news is that next year can only be better, right?

So, to fend off the sinking dread that the holidays are over and it's back to the our regularly scheduled (read: grim) programming, here are a couple of decor items I want for the holidays next year:

Cedar Garland - probably faux because I'm crap at taking care of organic plant matter that isn't safely embedded in soil. It just looks really soft and pretty, especially draped over the railing or tacked up in a doorway. Add some fairy lights and presto~

An Actual Wreath - the little thing I picked up from the Dollar Tree this year was so pitiful and sad looking that I swiped it off my apartment door the moment I got home yesterday. Something like this, packed with holly and pine cones and little red berries looks so much fuller and more festive.

Lanterns - there's something very cozy about a bundle of white candles flickering away inside a glass lantern, isn't there? Not only do you contain all the soot that would otherwise eventually mar your walls (and your lungs!) but placed on a coffee table or counter top and ringed with some cedar garland, they are appropriate decor all winter long.

The Tomten - the festive Nordic cousin of the garden gnome, with long white beards and conical hats, they are often associated with Yule and winter. I've been seeing them pop up all over shops and on Facebook. I'd love to populate my apartment with loads of these little dudes next year!

Yule Goat - in keeping with Scandinavian and Yule-inspired decor, a little yule goat figure would look great sitting on my bookshelf. If I can find a larger one for a decent price next year, maybe I'll even set him by the tree and wrap him in lights - to symbolize an early burning or something.

With any luck, next year I'll be able to have a truly Hygge and Introvert-friendly holiday season - all snuggled up in my apartment with soft music, Netflix, and warm blankets. Maybe a cat will be present, maybe not. But it will be quiet and relaxing and perfect....


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