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Post-Workout Sandwiches

So there's a bit of science behind what we're supposed to eat after a workout: You can read a bit more here at The Everygirl. I've been completely ignorant of that science since I started working out, but I'm also pretty good at listening to my body and knowing what it needs. So when I discovered that carbs, protein, and some fats are important things to replenish immediately after working out - I had an AHA! moment.

I like sandwiches. I'm almost addicted to them. They're so easy and quick to make and the combinations are almost endless. As long as it fits between two slices of bread (or lettuce for an 'Unwich') it works.

So here are some of my favorite sandwich combinations for a post-workout pick me up:

1.) BLT

This one's pretty straight-forward but there are definitely ways to make it healthier. Swap out your white bread for a good whole grain (I love oat bread!) and ditch the mayo for avocado instead. If bacon isn't your thing - there are so…

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