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Playing with Pin-up

In an attempt to jolt myself into actually caring about my appearance this summer (and not lying around my messy bedroom in my underwear) I had a go at the pin-up style. This isn't something I've ever really entertained before and even though I found the whole rockabilly scene to be totally awesome, it's just not something I personally got into. 

Still, worth a go, since I have plenty of 1950's inspired clothing lying around my room right now anyways:

Equally fun was tinkering around with my tripod and trying to capture the essence of a Minnesota summer in the 50's. I did actually look at some of my grandmother's photos from the time to get a sense of things. So I did some playing around with filters and such to get an "aged" effect - which clearly varies depending on what I used.

I had fun curling my bangs and such too, even though they're still pretty short and YES! My hair is currently vampire red again. I love it - I really ought to stick with it…

Film Review: Reincarnation 2005

Reincarnation - Japanese horror film review
A Japanese actress begins having strange experiences after landing a role in a horror movie about a real murder spree that took place 40 years prior.

The film jumps right into the action with a group of high school girls in a cafe seeing something strange. The next to see a ghost is a salary man in an elevator. Finally, a truck driver sees the faces of many dead people out on a road late at night.

Initially, none of this seems connected.

Nagisa Sugiura, a rising actress in Japan, is cast to play the young girl killed in the murder spree that her new film is about. The strangest part is that she keeps seeing the ghost of the young girl she is depicting.

It's not just the actress in the film though, ten other people are having strange dreams and waking nightmares about the hotel where the murders took place....

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

Storyline: Intriguing take on reincarnation, with a dark twist. Nothing you'd find in an American film, so worth a …