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Welcome to The Mystifying World of Modern Dating

Truth be told, I have no idea why I did this
To set the scene: I had recently gotten out of my last long-term relationship and was finally moving out to start my life anew on my own terms. My ex and I were on (mostly) good terms, still operating as friends and giving each other life advice (and maybe a little dating advice) so it felt like a good time to test out the dating app scene. He'd been perusing the waters of Bumble and Tinder, but I wanted to see for myself just how strange and difficult this land of online dating really was.

The Experiment:

The first dating app I installed was Hinge - their slogan is literally that they are designed to be deleted, they promise lasting results that fast. Within two hours of creating my profile and answering three conversation-hook questions, three different guys and one girl were trying to match with me.

1. Let's call this guy City Pages - since he's a freelance writer for this local publication. We spent a day or two chitchattin…

How to Unlock Your Best Life: Move The Fuck Out!

If you've been reading any of my recent blog posts, a consistent theme has surely cropped up and that has been the desire for me to have my own place to live. A few weeks ago, I actually signed a lease on a new studio apartment - for real.

Nestled in a lovely Stepford-esque neighborhood just south of where I work in Lowertown, this ground level unit is running me less than $700 a month and has freshly painted white walls, newly refinished floors, surround sound speakers and well....excellent water pressure. Because that's important.

Last weekend, I started moving in and it was an adventure:

One member of my moving party cancelled on me the morning of - due to a hangover - and while I was initially bummed at not having her large SUV at my disposal, I made the best of the situation in order to move 80% of my personal belongings via two car trips. A huge shout-out to my cousin and her boy for the assist. And a special thank you to Angie who was battling a hangover of her own and …

Even More Unpopular Opinions

So I've done two of these so far (find them here and here) and now I'm back with a whole new round of unpopular opinions. Agree or disagree, some of these are sure to spark conversation or debate!

1. Glossier is overrated.

2. Short hair on girls is super cute.

3. Game of Thrones was probably the worst series of the decade. 

4. Traveling alone is more fun than traveling with a partner.

5. Bob Dylan is good, but probably not the best folk singer of all time. (Sorry, fellow Minnesotans!)

What's In Your Crisis Kit?

*Content warning: Mentions of mental illness, crisis, and symptoms*
What is a crisis kit, you ask? A crisis kit, for mental health or other types of crises, is a kit in which you place all the things you would need to get through a crisis - kind of like a 'bug-out bag' or an emergency overnight bag if you need to leave home suddenly.

In this blog post, I want focus especially on mental health crisis kits because they can be tailored very specifically to your own mental health needs in a crisis.

Why should you have a mental health crisis kit? 

Those of us who suffer from mental health problems can't always know when and where we'll be when something happens to trigger a low point - be it a depressive episode, an anxiety attack, etc. Even if you don't suffer from any serious mental health concerns, traumatic events can happen to anyone and a mental health crisis kit could be the one thing that helps you get through that moment until you're able to seek more concr…