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Mykki Reviews This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner


"Captain Jubilee Chase and rebel fighter Flynn Cormac are on opposite sides of a ceasefire on the half terraformed planet of Avon. The inhabitants of Avon living in the lifeless swamps just want access to food and medicine - and to be recognized as a planet. The military installment protecting the terraforming company just wants to avoid any more of their soldiers from getting the Fury and going on violent killing sprees.

Chase and Flynn are about to uncover the galactic conspiracy keeping Avon under the cover of fog - and what that fog's hiding out there in the swamps. And along the way, they may discover that they aren't so different from each other after all."

Dollar Tree books rarely thrill me as much as this one did - the second installment of the Starbound trilogy picks up after the first book, These Broken Stars, which I have not read - and this time we're down on the murky, swamp planet of Avon.

So let's dive right in. …

The Goal-Getter Playbook Review

Work has been hectic lately; there have been a lot of changes within the company I work for and while change is inevitable (and usually good) it can leave me feeling a little scattered and directionless. 
So it was the perfect time to look at setting some goals for myself, determining what I'm truly passionate about and what steps I need to take to turn that passion into something that works for me, instead of against me. 
Enter The Goal-Getter Playbook:

The Goal-Getter Playbook is so much more expansive and in-depth than any other life planner I've ever considered - and it goes way beyond career planning - this playbook will help you organize, manage, and maximize your entire life. No stone is left unturned here. 
Now, I need to preface: I'm not a "goal setter". I don't like plans or schedules, time blocking, penciling in self-care, color-coding my Outlook calendar, etc. I'm more of a go-with-the-flow, works well last minute and under pressure, que sera s…

I have Resting Sad Face?! - 7/24/17

I'm an INFJ Personality Type, and I have Resting Sad Face

I came across this article earlier this morning and after a quick read-through where I found myself nodding along, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on it - section by section. If you're an INFJ or are often told to smile or that you "look down" I suggest giving it a read!

1.) The Extroverted Introvert:

Often in introvert spaces, I feel like kind of an oddball, because I can be a very chatty and sociable person in the right circumstances - often when talking about something I know well (like work procedures) or something I'm passionate about (like closed-class pronouns and how silly they are) - but most of the introverts I encounter seem to be taken aback by my ability to chat others up. They seem to cringe, hiss, and withdraw from the mere thought of having a mundane conversation about the summer heat with a coworker. I have no such compulsion - I can do these things easily because the script is…

Challenge: 27 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing as an HSP.

My favorite site for introvert related articles and goodness has recently listed this interesting gem: 27 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing as an HSP. 

While not exclusively related to introversion, many Highly Sensitive People are also introverts and as I qualify as both an INFJ/P AND an HSP I figured I would give this list a go and see how many of these things I agree or disagree with.

Let's get into it:

1. When you’re in a loud, busy place — like a bar, restaurant, or party — and you shut down because you’re overwhelmed by so much sensory input.

 Yes, to the max. I tend to get really quiet and kind of withdrawn. I've been accused of being both bored and tired because I tend to find myself staring down at a table or the floor when I zone out to protect my brain.

2. When a commercial that shows abused animals comes on TV and you have to change the channel, because seeing such cruelty nearly makes you burst into tears. Likewise, you cover your eyes during a gory f…

Challenge: 25 Contradicting Things About Being a Shy Introvert

This week we have another gem from Jenn Granneman, and this one is all about the contradicting nature of being both shy AND an introvert. I figured, this'll be good....

25 Contradicting Things About Being A Shy Introvert

I was pretty disappointed. Read the article here and see for yourself how short and stilted it really is.

1. Wanting to be left alone but not wanting to be lonely. ~ I think this is across the board for all introverts, not just shy ones. Nobody wants to feel lonely. If being alone makes you feel lonely, you might not really be an introvert. 2. Wanting to be invited to social events but not always wanting to go. ~ It's always nice to be invited, it means someone is thinking of you. But wanting an invite doesn't make you shy. Not wanting to go doesn't make you shy either, unless the reason for not wanting to go is that you're nervous or afraid of going for some reason. 3. Wishing other people would notice you but avoiding the spotlight at all costs. ~ Defin…

Challenge: 17 Ways Being An Introvert Is Different In Your 30s Than in Your 20s

I would like to start a weekly segment where I find articles (usually in list form) about one thing or another that's relevant to me and then challenge them, bullet point by bullet point. And the point of this is to show that we can't all be painted with the same broad strokes and that all of our lived experiences can paint radically different pictures than might be generalized.

So this week's article is:

17 Ways Being An Introvert Is Different In Your 30s Than in Your 20s
Follow this link to read the article yourself! It was posted on Thought Catalog recently by Jenn Granneman, author of the upcoming book The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World. Her assertion is that people's lives drastically change from 20 to 30 and that how our introversion manifests will change as well. Okay, sounds fair. Lets see how it stacks up against my personal experience now.

Artist Spotlight: Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez got her start when she auditioned for season 3 of The Voice with a rendition of Britney Spears' Toxic. Adam Levine snagged her up instantly and thus launched her career as a very wacky artist. She didn't win The Voice, but she has gone on to have a wonderful music career and I've been a fan since the beginning.

Her first single and music video release was for a creepy-cute song called Dollhouse, with some very dark implications about dysfunctional families.

Her second big hit was actually picked up just in time for American Horror Story's new circus-themed season and became the show's theme song for a short time. Here is Carousel:

There were a few more songs on her EP, but nothing spectacular until she released a full album. Cry Baby.

Her sound is very eclectic and kind of indie, in a kitschy way. She explores a lot of dark and personal topics with a sense of creepy whimsy and that's what I love about her. The heavy leanings towards a demented…

Ladies First, part un

So I came across this massive Tumblr list featuring female fronted (mostly) Goth bands, and I wanted to go through the list and share with you some of the more interesting ones - some of them are old, obscure, and VERY hard to find and others are modern and active on social media. Let's go:

Skulduggery Pleasant: Book Review and Fandom Love

Skulduggery Pleasant - ace detective and fireball throwing mage of epic proportions. Protector, friend, and ally of one twelve year old Stephanie Edgely. He's also a skeleton. A walking, talking, living skeleton.

Fuckin' awesome.

So I picked up the first book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series at the library the other day and read it in one go. It was that good. Rated for 9+, it's technically considered a middle-grader book series but there's enough wit, sarcasm, and plot intrigue to keep anyone interested. Mr. Pleasant himself is an absolute treat as a character - he's smart, cocky, and rather endearing. He's also great taste in fashion - yes to anyone who appreciates a good pinstripe suit. He's like the undead version of Frank Sinatra.

I thought I was going to be rather annoyed that a twelve year old girl was the main protagonist, but she surprised me greatly. She's obviously no normal girl and that becomes clear later in the book, but I loved how sh…

Day 9 and 10: Scenic Astoria

So Astoria is a cute little town - lots of convoluted hilly streets, the GPS hates it but I quite enjoyed it. 

Entertainment for the Gothlings

There are a lot of well-known Goth-friendly cartoons out there for a variety of age groups - Beetlejuice, Ruby Gloom, Invader Zim, etc but it was my mission to search a little outside the box and find some that are maybe not so well known.

In my search, I came across two that look fairly promising: Mona the Vampire and Edgar and Ellen.

Mona Parker is a young girl with a vivid imagination who fancies herself a vampire and saves her town often from supernatural phenomena with her friends. This series is French Canadian and didn't air originally in the United States but did show in Canada, France, and even Poland. Luckily, if you want to give series a go in English, it IS available on Netflix.
For those of you off the NA continent, I'm not sure where you'd find it. Sorry. >_<

Edgar and Ellen are 12 year old twins who live alone in a Mansion on the outskirts of a good-goody town called Nod's Limbs - where they spend all day creatively pranking each other and building…

Music Discovery: Witchcore

Witchcore, as I've recently discovered, is a genre of music for edgy/geeky college girls, angsty but intellectual high school kids, and those of the darker persuasion looking for something that deviates a little from traditional goth rock.

Witchcore often consists of female-fronted (and sometimes ALL female) acts that are as influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees as they are by Florence and the Machine. ChartAttack has this to say about it: "Think empowered women, slaying dragons and casting spells, with no cackling to be found whatsoever."

Austra, probably set to become the biggest name in the witchcore scene, are a trio from Toronto, with operatic vocals and creepy synths, lesbian-toned lyrics and a song called Spellwork. 

Blood Ceremony, also from Toronto, are a little more heavy metal but with plenty of macabre subject matter and badass vocals from Alia O'brien, this group conjures up images of hooded robes, rusted swords, and sacrifices to dragons. 

Next up we'…

Movie Review: APT

Se-jin, a lonely department store employee, moves into a high-rise apartment building. One day she notices that the lights in the windows of the building opposite all start to mysteriously flicker at exactly 9:56pm. She begins to suspect that these occurrences are somehow linked to a series of suspicious deaths in the neighborhood.

APT is your standard Korean horror film - a good mix of suspense, plot intrigue, and supernatural jump-scares, topped off with a helluva lot of confusion. It seems that only Koreans really understand Korean films, then again, maybe it's just me. 

Anyways, it jumps right in with Se-jin and her rather lonely lifestyle. She speaks to her fellow employees when needed and otherwise goes home and spends her time by herself. One night she's followed into the subway station by a woman in a red dress. This woman stands next to Se-jin on the platform and asks her "Aren't you lonely?"

This woman in red then proceeds to leap in front of the train, bu…

Move Review: Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters

If it sounds like the cheesy title of a reality-based ghost hunting show on late night television, then you'd be right on the money. Grave Encounters follows a small team of ghost hunters filming their fifth television episode in an abandoned and reportedly haunted asylum. 
Much like most ghost series on TV these days, the beginning of the film shows the crew interviewing former staff, groundskeeper, and neighbors about their ghostly experiences. Nobody has anything particularly interesting to say and the crew assumes this is gonna be a routine lock-down - the kind where they have to scare up their own ghost footage.
But once they're locked in and all the lights go out, you only get to see what the crew sees on the static cameras and their handheld night vision camcorders. In that respect it really IS just like your standard ghost hunting show. Until people start dying, that is....

I totally recommend this movie if you get a kick out a ghost hunting shows and cons…

Movie Review: The Slender Man

The Slender Man

I'm going to assume you know what the Slenderman is. If you don't, you've probably been under a rock for the past few years. Slenderman is a mythical man-like creature of considerable height. He wears a black suit with either a red or black tie. He has no face. Slenderman's MO is that he kidnaps children, but if you encounter him - he can cause paralysis, sickness, paranoia, and even death. Your best bet is avert your eyes and run, quickly.

Slenderman first rose to fame on the internet back in 2009 through websites like SomethingAwful and CreepyPasta and is loosely based around a creature from German folklore (also known as the Tall Man) and has since spawned dozens of fan fics, fan art, photoshops, and indie games. 

2013 marks the year of Slenderman, though. An official game has been released, there are countless Slenderman mods, and at least two indie films based around Slenderman. The film I will be reviewing today is The Slender Man, produced by the Su…

Film Review: Reincarnation 2005

Reincarnation - Japanese horror film review
A Japanese actress begins having strange experiences after landing a role in a horror movie about a real murder spree that took place 40 years prior.

The film jumps right into the action with a group of high school girls in a cafe seeing something strange. The next to see a ghost is a salary man in an elevator. Finally, a truck driver sees the faces of many dead people out on a road late at night.

Initially, none of this seems connected.

Nagisa Sugiura, a rising actress in Japan, is cast to play the young girl killed in the murder spree that her new film is about. The strangest part is that she keeps seeing the ghost of the young girl she is depicting.

It's not just the actress in the film though, ten other people are having strange dreams and waking nightmares about the hotel where the murders took place....

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

Storyline: Intriguing take on reincarnation, with a dark twist. Nothing you'd find in an American film, so worth a …