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Sheltering In Place - Tales of the Pandemic (2)

I started working from home today.

All of the elements came together at the right time, I suppose. The governor finally issued an order to stay at home, the buses had all but stopped running, and I found a convenient way to access my work computer in case I need to pull anything off the server while crafting emergency COVID-19 related content from the discomfort of my kitchen table.

It was getting eerie going into downtown Saint Paul in the morning to see few bodies and even fewer cars on streets that are usually bustling. The quiet unease at the bus stop while waiting with a group of fellow travelers - some masked, most not - lent an aura of imminent danger to just being outside.

It's bad enough to feel like we're on the tipping point of the end of days, which is a very Twilight Zone sensation, I'm also fielding phone calls every other day from the hospital as the ICU staff struggles to determine the best course of action for treating my mom...who has no developed a bacte…

When It's Someone You Love - Tales of the Pandemic (1)

~ On Friday, March 13th my mom went to the hospital with a fever, a cough, and trouble breathing. She was taken by ambulance with paramedics that arrived in protective gear because they were concerned she might have COVID-19.  After a few hours in the local ER, she was intubated and transferred to a larger hospital where she could be cared for.

I want to talk about my mom for a moment....

Last weekend, she went to the ICU with a fever, cough, and shortness of breath. We feared the worst - huddled together in my tiny studio apartment - and waited for an update. It was goods news. She tested negative for the coronavirus, but her oxygen levels were still really low and they had decided to keep her sedated and intubated until the nasty strain of flu she'd caught finally subsided.

I only got to see her in the hospital for a brief moment, after I'd gone through a sanitation process and donned a medical mask, and it was heartbreaking. But the worst part is knowing that she might be th…