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When Your Boss Breaks Up With You(r Department)

Her office had been dark all week and the door locked. Text messages and phone calls bounced back. Rumors were beginning to whisper around the halls - "She quit, you know?" "Let's wait until we hear something official." "Someone in Scheduling found out and now they're telling everyone." "What are we going to do if our boss is AWOL?" Today my department received word that our boss, the Director of Interpreter Administration, had very suddenly and without warning resigned from her position. Even though we were all on very good and amiable terms with her, she did not see fit to alert us to this decision. She did, on the other hand, mention it to someone in a different department. Rumors spread like wildfire. And the kicker? We, her actual department , were the last to know. Embarrassing. I have a lot of feelings right now. Shock. Confusion. Anger. Betrayal. Fear. Anxiousness. Uncertainty. Resignation. Exhaustion. I'm n

20 Questions for Discovering Your Own Magic

Llewellyn is not my favorite New Age publisher , but they are based right here in Minnesota and they do often have some interesting and thought provoking articles. I came across this one recently from acclaimed author, Tess Whitehurst, with this list of twenty questions about discovering (or rediscovering) your magical self.  I've considered myself a witch off and on for more than a decade. Depending on my energy levels, the alignment of the stars, how active I've been in the witchy tumblr communities - my practice waxes and wanes. For the past few years I haven't really done much, preferring to simply lurk academically or do the odd tarot spread. When you feel the pull, you feel the pull - and I'm feeling it. So what better way to dip my toes back in the water than with a simple thought exercise on where I stand? See below for my answers to all 20 questions: When have you had a  psychic  experience? What was it? I used to have them often, dreams that seeme

The Intersection of Myers-Briggs, Zodiac Signs, and Numerology

I've always wondered at the popularity of things like Myers-Briggs Personality Assessments, our cultural obsession with zodiac signs and astrology, and the newfound interest in numerology. It occurred to me that while we ought to know ourselves best, we are faced with crippling doubt as to our own identities and who can blame us? We're bombarded with media messages everyday telling us who and what we should strive to be. And really, this quest to pin down our personalities and identities like an insect to a piece of cardboard isn't anything new - the philosophical sciences have been debating about what makes us tick for thousands of years. Today, we have at our fingertips so many resources as clues into understanding who we are and why we do the things we do. Entire seminars are held about communication styles, personality types, astrological alignments, and how it all determines our place in the universe. I say, please take it all with a grain of salt.

What's on My Mental Health Shelf?

I recently came across an article on ManRepeller from Victoria Storm - where she describes a "mental health shelf" - whether real or imaginary, that was a compendium of books, movies, music, or rituals we return to when we need a comfort boost or a mental health pick-me-up. Now, I understand that not everyone is the type of person who enjoys re-watching the same movies over and over or re-reading a few favorite books hundreds of times - it definitely cuts into the amount of time we have to new and shiny experiences - but let's be honest. Nostalgia is great. So here are the things on my personal Mental Health Shelf: Films Hocus Pocus | Labyrinth | Fifth Element | The Princess Bride | Kamikaze Girls | The Mummy Books The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang | Dracula by Bram Stoker | Inkheart by Cornelia Funke | Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy | Malice by Chris Wooding | The Raven by Edgar Allen Po Music Spice Girls | HYDE | Olivia Lufkin |

When Shameful Memories Ruin Your Day

When I was about 19 and Livejournal was still a thing, I was part of a community on there called " Bad Makeup " - yeah, it's pretty much what it sounds like. A group of self-proclaimed makeup gurus and enthusiasts that got their jollies posting photos of people with either poorly applied makeup or whatever they considered "bad" and then mocking them mercilessly for it. And we're not just talking about celebrities or public figures with makeup mishaps - these were their friends, family members, random strangers on the internet and even each other that they were cruelly targeting. Why I was a member in such a group, I don't know. I think it was fear of becoming one of their targets while I was young and experimenting with makeup. I think perhaps I always wanted to feel a sense of superiority over other people in some way... Anywho, I had finally gotten up the nerve to make a post of my own. I thought I would share a few photos of a previous friend

Hello, my name is Michaela and I write Fanfiction...

Confession time: I write fanfiction. Truthfully, I haven't written any for a long time and it's only on my radar these days as a reader - I'm obsessed with any and everything Final Fantasy VII as of the moment (and I'm waiting rather impatiently for any news on the upcoming reboot game). But an email popped into my inbox the other day - I had a new comment on a story I'd written eons ago - an OC/Beetlejuice fic that won some unofficial FanFiction.Net award once upon a time. So for giggles I hacked back into my account and took a look at everything I'd published back in the day. There is a very cringe-y Fruits Basket story that I only keep up since a lot of people still have it in their Favorites list, a humorous little one-shot about Puppet Master that is anything but PG but also contains a spelling error that irks me, nine chapters of an unfinished sequel to Edward Scissorhands, my infamous Beetlejuice story, and three little ficlets from Hocus Pocus f

What I Found Interesting This Week - September

Hello, I figured this post couldn't be more timely since a lot of interesting things happened this week...and yes, I'm about to use this as a bragging moment. Which is something I rarely do, so you're welcome. I launched a newsletter for my company today! What!? Since getting promoted to Interpreter Engagement Specialist at my place of employment I've been working more directly to promote trainings and events, keep up with our social media followers and, you guessed it, engage the interpreter. Starting an interpreter-focused newsletter was on the docket and our first issue went live today! You can't imagine the bundle of nerves sitting in my chest knowing that 51 emails went out to both interpreters and company staff members this morning - I keep waiting for people to pop into my office and either tell me how neat it is or how "interesting" it is - which is Minnesota code for lame. But since there are a lot of other new and fascinating things

Closing Out Summer 2018...and Looking Ahead to Fall

Feeling: It's like summer just passed me by...there were no BBQs, no rooftop happy hours, no beach-side vacations,  no lazy days lounging by the pool or getting Instagram-worthy ice cream. Major FOMO vibes over here - I had to work so much this summer that I barely had energy or time for anything else. Wanting: I want some new bras, no joke. And I'm finally reaching a point where I'm willing to dole out $60 a bra to make sure I get something that's going to last a few years and actually fit me properly. Yes, Target - your online-only 32D bras are okay but they're not that great. It's either this, or I start a crowdfunding campaign for a full breast reduction. I know which would make me happier, but alas it's not the more affordable option. Cooking: Salmon! I've had a love-hate relationship with fish my whole life and this probably dates back to long (agonizing) hours spent in a boat with my grandfather trying to catch sunfish. Gross. But I can

2018 Birthday Wish List

It's finally September - which means ( in my mind ) the beginning of the fall season, back-to-school, Halloween retail mania and on October 1st: my birthday. Last year the boy and I took a trip up to Duluth for a few days and it was wonderful. The weather was cool and gloomy and rainy - just like October should be. The biting wind sending the frothy waves of Lake Superior crashing into the harbor was nothing short of hauntingly romantic, and the perfect backdrop for all of our fun, touristy activities. We're thinking of going again this year, if lying on a SoCal beach drinking rum-n-coke doesn't pan out. Regardless of what I actually end up doing (or if I have the necessary amount of PTO to do it) there are still some things I'd love as gifts - from others or myself - this year! Dish Towels/Cloths - Brandless | Rhodiola Capsules - Care/Of | 12 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware set - Wayfair Clark's Botanicals Retinol Overnight Rescue Cream