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Holiday Shopping for Goths

I don't know about you, but I tend to jump on the holiday shopping bandwagon pretty early in the year. It's not even Thanksgiving here in America and I'm already starting to think of ideas for what to give/make/buy for the holidays.  Being a broke college student though, I can't really go all out and buy the people I love the latest new gadgets and tons of "in" stuff. So I'm trying to think of things that I can make for relatively cheap that will be of use AND still cherished as a delightful holiday gift.  Problem is...most of the things I want to make tend to have a bit of Goth flair to it - black lace, skulls and skeleton keys, candy canes dripping with blood, stuff like that....and I know that not all of the people on my shopping list would appreciate something like that.  Then there's the matter of people possibly trying to shop for me. I have my doubts about receiving anything for the holidays though, since my family is so disjointed

Clearance Halloween Target Haul

I hit up Target on Friday afternoon to see what was left of the Halloween decor. I ended up getting quite a few items. All of what is posted above and then a spooky candy and a ghost coffee mug. Most of it was 50% off so I got some great deals! And the best part is, all of this stuff is useful outside of Halloween too. I put the bat lights up around my window. Super awesome. <3

Knowing Better and of Dashed Hopes

I really ought to know better. I know I shouldn't believe a word out of anyone's mouth. Ever. Because people lie. And they lie for many different reasons. They lie because they feel obligated to "help out" and then panic when someone accepts. They lie because they think they might be able to do something for you, but really can't. Or maybe they lie just because they like to watch you squirm when you find out what was promised ain't happening. I don't fucking like squirming. As it turns out, this Britney individual WON'T be giving me a ride home tomorrow. So now it's a mad dash to see if my boyfriend can give me a lift tonight (how last minute of me) or hopefully harass someone into doing it Friday, if it doesn't conflict with their schedule. Because the more I think about it, the more depressed I am at the idea of sitting here by myself for a whole weekend. I NEED to relax. I NEED to recuperate. I have exams most of next week and I jus