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All I Want Today

I'm so tired. I had a hard time falling asleep again last night. I'm pretty sure it was getting on about 4 am before I officially dozed off. That made morning classes hard....really hard. Afternoon dragged by. Didn't feel like sticking around for any meetings, like the Creative Writing Club.

I did dress up a bit though, though I've kicked off my boots and now removed the belt. I'm still pretty comfy though....

Yesterday I made spaghetti so now I've got some leftovers for a couple of days. I was never really one to indulge in leftover food, but I'm beginning to see the necessity now. I might make stir-fry next week, or cook up some steak pieces with rice.

*something invisible just ruffled my hair. roughly....*

I've been looking around online for cheap apartments near campus. I'm getting ideas for next year in case I find myself a job, so I can move myself off campus and take my feline companion with me. I'd like to have her live with me if possi…

All of the drama!

This weekend DID NOT go as planned. But I suppose I can't complain too much....I did get to relax and hang out at home with good food. And Mom totally made apple crisp. I've got some sitting in my fridge, waiting to be devoured tonight. <3

I was supposed to go to the cities with the JP Network group. However, I was counting on money from plasma donation to pay for my food on that trip. Unfortunately, they didn't let me donate because of the bruise on my arm from the previous trip's mishap. food funds.

Because I didn't want to completely starve whilst out and about, I just opted not to go. Instead I called the boy and he came up to get me.

When I got back to campus last night though, I had a message on Facebook from a friend who needed some urgent assistance. So I called her back and got the lowdown on that latest dramatic episode of Teresa and Josef. These two are mutual friends of ours, but Teresa is a good Catholic girl and Josef is a drugged up playe…

I gotz a letter!

I love getting snail mail. Like a legit letter and stuff. And I got one today! My friend Catie finally found some money for stamps and sent me a letter detailing how things are going for her in Seattle. I'm almost jealous of all the fun she's having, but soon enough I'll be just as busy. I've got volunteer stuff coming up, JP Network activities, and I'm thinking about joining an English conversation circle to help out people who are learning. Could be fun.

But anyways, a letter. ^_^ I wrote one back to her, complete with some awesome Japanese on it. I just have to affix a stamp and send it off. I love that we have an outgoing mail slot right here in the building. Makes it SOOOO EASSYYY to deal with mail.

If I sound a little loopy, it's because I am. I'm currently sipping away at a tequila-and-coke combo while I contemplate my educational situation here. I'm behind in a lot of work. I don't have the desire or motivation to really get started and make…

I've caught the death...

It started as a mildly irritating sore throat last Thursday. 
By Friday it had progressed to full on throat pain and the sniffles. It kept me bed ridden a good chunk of the day, with a side of nausea. That didn't stop me from traipsing about later at the mall with Katie, where I bought some nifty jewelry, some Halloween decor for the bedroom and found a top I REALLY want from Hot Topic. (of all places)
This! But it'll look better on me!
On Saturday my respiratory system was under complete attack. I had a hard time breathing, alternating between blowing my brains out my nostrils and having them so stuffed up nothing could penetrate, not even oxygen. I was also developing a dry cough by evening.
I still helped Mom outside with the siding and caulking in the back edge of our home. I also helped the boys prime a few of the new steps we're putting together out front. 
Sunday was more of the same, only more sneezing, more drippy nose attacks, and phlegmy coughing. I did not lea…


I experience a remarkable duality within myself. It seems to most commonly manifest within my fashion choices, but it really affects all aspects of my being. I feel like two people living in one body sometimes. Granted, there are more than two facets of my personality, but these two seem to stick out the most.

There is a side of me that is very assertive, feminist, and cunning. She values freedom, individuality, and expression. She listens to loud music, likes car explosions and actions, and cusses like a sailor. She also tends to prefer darker colors, ripped clothing, fishnets, stompy boots and so forth. 

There is another side that is very demure, feminine, and traditional. This side of me enjoys reading classic novels, drinking tea, baking, and crafty things. She feels comfortable in soft colors, lace and velvet, crochet, and faux fur. She is polite, well-mannered. and always willing to help someone out.

What you have here are very brief descriptions of my two most distinct selves. The…

Awesome Movies are Awesome

So in between bouts of Japanese homework, Sociology readings, tea, and copious amounts of showers...I've been watching films. And I rarely ever sit down just to enjoy a film. Certainly not by myself either.

Last night I watched Tank Girl.

Super fun film from the early 90's based on a comic by the same name. If you haven't seen it, I suggest definitely checking it out. It's definitely not what you'll expect and Lori Petty's character Rebecca is a hoot, no lie!

Tonight, I watched The Crow:

It's kind of cult classic in the Goth scene, to the point where it's become the ultimate cliche, but frankly I still love it. It's well made, the score is fantastic, and some of the scenes really are moving. And I find myself relating to Sarah a lot as well.

I'm really not sure what all I want to keep watching though. I'm somewhat limited in my choices, as I don't own a lot of DVDs and Netflix typically has....shit.

On my list though:
Beetlejuice (again)

Wild Weekend?

So this weekend, the boy and I went to the local Renaissance Festival. Much enjoyment was had and good food was eaten. I even got a souvenir. 

I took some video footage of the event, found here: Click Me!

The souvenir I received was actually purchased in my favorite Ren Fest shop, The Enchanted Hat. They sell, as you might guess, hats. Of all kinds. Plus parasols, kid's costumes, and lovely purses. Last year I got a darling purse. This year I got...

A gigantic Victorian tea hat. Oh, you know you're jealous.
Also, I fully intend to master the art of Beer Cheese soup. Because that shit was just awesome....


So I had a rather adventurous day. Here I was, sitting in the cafeteria, expecting nothing less than the same boring shit I do every single day, when a tattooed and pierced fellow wearing a waist coat (complete with pocket watch!) joins me at the table. 

We strike up an awkward conversation. I ask him general questions about school, where he's from, his tattoos....he makes assumptions about my personality based on how evasive I am in regards to answering personal questions. It's not an entirely unpleasant interaction, but I do find myself wondering why on earth it's taking place at all. 

It gets better. A lonely South Korean girl moves to seat herself at the table next to us. Alex (yes, this fellow has a name) invites her to sit with us. She agrees and another awkward conversation springs forth. She's been in the US for about two weeks, loves it here, doesn't miss her family or friends, and wants to study Psychology. Interesting. 

At this point, I've all but lost …

Ooooohhhh! ☠

Angry Chibi is Angry!
I am...a little upset. You see, I was gone for four days over the weekend. Just enjoying time at my mom's place, helping out with home renovations, and relaxing. In those four days, my roommates saw fit to dig around in MY drawers, dirty up MY dish towels, and push all MY food to the way back of the refrigerator. 
I'm a little upset. 
Something's gotta give here or I'm gonna go ape-shit on these bitches.