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I experience a remarkable duality within myself. It seems to most commonly manifest within my fashion choices, but it really affects all aspects of my being. I feel like two people living in one body sometimes. Granted, there are more than two facets of my personality, but these two seem to stick out the most.

There is a side of me that is very assertive, feminist, and cunning. She values freedom, individuality, and expression. She listens to loud music, likes car explosions and actions, and cusses like a sailor. She also tends to prefer darker colors, ripped clothing, fishnets, stompy boots and so forth. 

There is another side that is very demure, feminine, and traditional. This side of me enjoys reading classic novels, drinking tea, baking, and crafty things. She feels comfortable in soft colors, lace and velvet, crochet, and faux fur. She is polite, well-mannered. and always willing to help someone out.

What you have here are very brief descriptions of my two most distinct selves. The…