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The Worst Goth Makeup Tutorials. Ever.

Do you know how it is when you're cruising around Youtube looking for an interesting Goth makeup tutorial because you're either bored with your current look or want to try something new? Well....maybe that's just me, but I seem to have the best luck when it comes to finding the silliest and worst of Goth makeup tutorials. And so, I'm going to compile them here for you.'s Silly Attempt ~This silly attempt from is kind of cute, but I seriously wonder why non-Goths think they can do legit and good tutorials for this sort of thing. Just Bitten Gothic ~Don't get me wrong, she's a beautiful girl. But vampire makeup =/= Goth makeup. Goth Lips Tutorial ~ The difference between Emo and Goth makeup is that Emo has very natural lips and Goth is black, black, black, even on the lips . ......herp durp. Okay? Sexy Goth Makeup for Halloween ~Because Goth is a know? Goth Makeup is Cool ~She loves all Goth people,

Book Review: Beautiful Creatures

Today I am reviewing a book I recently finished. A while back I was on the hunt for some easy-reading material that had a darker theme and didn't cost much. What I plucked off the shelves of my local Wal-mart was this little YA gem: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is the story of Ethan Wate, a typical high school boy living in the deep south of the USA, dealing with basketball team issues, slutty girlfriend issues, and all the lame Civil War hoopla that goes on every year. Because you know, the south think they really did secretly win the war and all that....Adding to that, he's been having some really strange dreams about this girl.... Enter Lena Ravenwood, the new girl in town and niece of the creepy shut-in who lives in the spooky Ravenwood Manor. She blows this little southern town away with her arrival, literally. See, Lena's secret is that she's a Caster, a fancier word for witch, mage, magician, etc. She's descended from a whole

How-To: Cheap and Easy Wall Art

(Since today is Sunday, before classes, I'm going to spend the day running around to locate my new classrooms and other such student-ly things. Please enjoy this small tutorial/idea in my stead!) I'm always struggling for ideas about what to put up on my walls. I hate bare walls. I'm not a huge fan of posters though and buying pretty frames and paintings is just a little out of my spending range. So I decided that I would make some wall art on my own to hang up.  Here are a few easy ideas: 1. Put cards on your walls . I got quite a few holiday cards from people all over the world this year and I figured, what better way to display them than putting them up on the walls. You can do this with any kind of card though. If you prefer spooky Halloween themed cards, go crazy with it! Vintage postcards or Victorian themed holiday cards would work great for this also!  2. Hang up your jewelry . A lot of people keep their necklaces and bracelets in boxes. I got a jewel

Harkening in the new year...

2011 was a year of change for me and in so many ways.  ~ I escaped the evil clutches of my ex-boyfriend and left Montreal to live at home again. ~ I entered into a nice relationship with a very darling Chris. ^_^ ~ I made the decision to move forward with my life and enrolled in a university. ~ I expanded my social circle, although only a little bit. I'm now up to three friends. Woo!~ ~ I learned how to express myself better and experiment with my look. ~ I took charge of my life. It doesn't seem like a lot happened, but if I really stop to think about it I did some major life rearranging last year. And I'm all the happier for it. I honestly believe that if I hadn't gotten away from Montreal and the stagnating lifestyle there that I would have just tossed myself over our fire escape and been done with it. Instead, Chris saved my life and opened up a lot of doors for me that I wouldn't have had before and I'm extremely grateful for it. I know what di