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Dear sir, I quit!

Well, after much blog hiatus, I'm finally back with an important update about the future of my career as a college student. After suffering some major setbacks with classes, grades, and personal problems, I've made the decision to take some time off school.

So I cancelled my room assignment for next year, refrained from registering for fall classes and contacted Registration about my enrollment options. Finals are next week, I'll be moving out after that, and while I'll be sad to leave behind my cute little studio apartment, I'm not upset about leaving university behind for some time.

I've had to really stop and examine where my life is going and what I want out of it. I had a pretty solid plan in the beginning, but a lot of that doesn't seem as appealing now and I don't have the same passion. I know a lot of that is due in part to my depression/anxiety issues, but also because my interests have changed. 

I still love the idea of pursuing linguistics as a …