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Happy New Year 2019!

Wahhh! Look at the book cover I designed for my WIP! Isn't it pretty? I really love simple book cover designs, especially for modern science fiction - so much nicer than all that de-saturated crap from the 70's. None of the nasty sexism, either.  In order to bully myself into continuing with this WIP (which I haven't touched since NaNoWriMo ended back in November) I decided to write a couple of cute scenes between Clover and Charr - they'll never make it into the book but they were fun to write.  So here's part of one, for your reading pleasure. Question: Can you write fanfics of your own original work?  ********* Clover adjusted to life on an alien ship with a swiftness that took her by surprise. It probably helped that Charr had her in the lab everyday while he tinkered around with different delivery methods for the cure. She would sit and watch him work, while his aura of concentration and focus suffused her, leaving her no opportuni

Why Are People So Mean On The Internet?

I just had a rather negative experience on Facebook and so I'm taking a moment to write about it here. I don't spend much time on Facebook personally, but I do use it for my company's social media updates, so I happened to be scrolling along and came across an interesting meme. There was a discussion happening in the comment section - so I left something that seemed really benign. Like, really harmless. And someone immediately came to drag me for it. Now, I didn't leave this comment on some random stranger's post. I left the comment on that of a friend's page. And then one of their other friends left the incendiary remark meant for me. My first question: What makes anyone think it's okay to immediately attack a silly comment that was not offensive or calling out anyone in particular? My second question: Why the fuck does anyone think that it's okay to do that to someone's friend on their own post? I'm over here reacting to a fu

Winter Solstice Traditions

This will be my last holiday blog post, most likely. Unlike the majority of bloggers who were participating in #blogmas this year, I choose to revive last year's pagan blogging tradition of #blogstice - a play on the word Solstice. Which is what I celebrate. While this is old news to a lot of people, I'm sure there are still those out there who have no clue that a majority of our modern Christmas traditions and motifs pull from ancient European pagan customs and celebrations - and these traditions are still alive and used by modern pagans today. I don't consider myself a "pagan" in the strictest of senses - I acknowledge the existence and reality of many pantheons of deities; I respect nature spirits, the wee folk and other inhuman entities; and I believe the planet is sacred and should be treated well - but I don't follow a specific practice or pagan religion. I'm a secular pagan, I suppose. That's why I mostly celebrate the solstices a

Winter Outfit Ideas

It's cold in MN - here's how to stay really warm and cozy! 1.) Striped Sweater | Velvet Leggings | Ankle Boots | Studded Wallet 2.) Moto Jacket | Beige Tunic Sweater | Black Leggings | OTK Boots 3.) Grey Sweater Dress | Silver Boots | Black Corset Belt 4.)  Blue Jeans | Striped T-shirt | Leopard Cardigan | Snow Boots | Tan Bag Add your accessories of choice (I'm not a big fan of jewelry!) and you have a fun, casual, and most importantly cozy winter outfit!  *I compiled these looks using the site ShopLook - this is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links present.*

Holiday Cookie Shenanigans

The Date: 12/15/2018 The Time: 15:30 Mission Objective: Facilitate a successful holiday social venture - Maintain satisfactory supply of food and drink - Provide reasonable entertainment accommodations - Complete the mixing and baking of at least two cookie varieties  - Secure acknowledgement of "fun" from each participant The Report: "The morning of, I had to drag myself out of bed at the unholy hour of 7 am in order to cross the street to my workplace and help set up coffee and breakfast for the last day of TCII class. While at the office (and patiently waiting for coffee to brew) I took care of my other office related duties and plotted my last minute shopping for the day. I still needed: ~ Wine ~ Butter ~ Applesauce ~ Chocolate Chunks ~ Caffeine I was already bone-tired from cleaning up the apartment and making baking preparations in the kitchen the night before. This was shaping up to be an interesting Saturday."

Winter Tag 2018

Created by ELLDUCLOS , but I lifted it from Emily Aagaard - this is The Winter Tag 2018 1. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I enjoy baking this time of year, so my favorite tradition is trying a new cookie recipe every year. Last year I made gingerbread (from scratch!) on my own and this year I think I want to do something a little more vegan, just to be more inclusive and challenge myself to go outside my norms. 2. What is your favorite winter scent? I love anything that smells like pine or spruce. Frosted, icy or cool scents are always welcome and offset all the warm and spicy smells of the holidays. 3. What is your favorite winter go-to fashion trend? I get cold very easily, so for me it would have to be scarves. The bulkier and cozier the better! 4. What is your all-time favorite holiday movie? Die Hard. It's the only Christmas film that matters. Fight me. 5. What is your favorite all-time holiday tune? I prefer secular

Why Are Christmas Colors Red and Green?

Did you know that Santa's robes were not always depicted as red and white?  Did you know that Holly and its association with the winter holidays dates back further than Jesus? Jump back in time with me for a moment and let's have a look at some Victorian era Christmas Cards, shall we? What do you notice? The depiction we have in our heads of Santa Claus being a jolly old man in a fur-trimmed red suit is actually a relatively modern one. In 1931, Coca-Cola hired an artist to create an image of Santa Claus. This was hardly the first time a company had created their own spin on the beloved winter character, but Coke's ad campaign and marketing scheme that year was so successful that the image stuck - forever cementing together the red and white of a Coca-Cola bottle (or can) and our beloved Santa Claus. Up until that point, depictions of Santa Claus were never consistent. Sometimes he was a tall, thin man in blue (as seen above) and sometimes he was a squ

St. Paul's European Christmas Market

"The European Christmas Market in St. Paul is a free event based on the traditional, charming, and festive open-air Christkindlmarkts that spring up in Germany, Austria, and other countries during the Advent season. Shop for unique, handmade holiday gifts and decorations from local vendors, drink Gl├╝hwein (spiced mulled wine), and taste European inspired food and delicacies during the first two weekends in December." -- St Paul Christmas Market I have lived in or near St Paul, MN for a good number of years now, but I had never visited the Christmas Market down at Union Depot in the Lowertown neighborhood of the city. This year, I decided to remedy that. I was not expecting the crowds. From inside Union Depot, the Christmas Market looked like a packed can of sardines - wall to wall people - all cramming together between each stand to shop and eat. They shuffled forward slowly, like zombies, not generating nearly enough body heat to ward off the 23° F t