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Boots: Outfit #5

Outfit Rundown: Dress - Handmade Hoodie - unknown Boots - thrifted Glasses - borrowed from bf's mom! Necklace - vintage

Boots: Outfit #4

Outfit Rundown: Dress - Vintage Boots - thrifted Jewelry - Vintage I was planning on wear a faux fur stole with this, but I didn't think it would be cold enough. Boy, was I wrong!

☠ Pastel Goth or Gothic Pastel? ♥

I'm not a Goth . Not entirely. Sure, Peter Murphy is one of my celebrity crushes, I adore anything Addam's Family related, and I aww and ooh over crushed velvet and black lace.  But you know what? I really like pastel colors too. I like Halloween themed jewelry, whether spooky or adorable. I have a mild obsession with creepers and it's my dream to own several pairs one day.  I often wear neutral colors and what is generally accepted as "mainstream" fashion. See previous posts, especially related to my boots challenge. I adore Gothic Lolita and half my closet is stuffed full of Bodyline, secondhand, and handmade Lolita items.  I am clearly a very multifaceted human being.  So I suppose that's what has been drawing me to this Pastel Goth movement as of late. I read a lot of articles, looked at lots of photos, and giggled about all the butt-hurt going on regarding this style, in and out of the Goth subculture. I've always been very inspired by Har

Back-2-School: Dorm Decorating for "Alts"

Decorating a dorm room can be tricky, but even more so if you're of the alternative persuasion. It's not as simple as buying a couple of colorful throw pillows and some gauzy curtains. The dorm style tutorials on Youtube and elsewhere are pretty much useless to a Goth or Punk entertaining the idea of living in a dormitory room. So I've put together a quick guide to help you with some more alternative decorating: 1. Bedding is important!   This is your ultimate statement piece, what you'll be spending the most time on/around, and the focal point of the room. Buy a bed set that you can either coordinate with a variety of styles or can easily base a theme around. Examples would be stripes, damask, skulls, or other prints. You can also stick with basic black. 2. Frame your windows. Some dorms allow you to put curtains up in your room. Even you're lucky enough to have this option, buy some curtains that go well with your bed set. If you're no

Boots: Outfit #3

You know, I found myself wanting to watch The Labyrinth this morning. I still haven't gotten around to it yet, perhaps that'll be something to indulge in with the boy later but I digress... Today's ensemble was inspired by the Goblin King himself: I probably should have done something more interesting with my hair. I was thinking of crimping it and twisting it up or something....but I have 0% energy today so meh. Outfit Rundown: Blouse - Le Chateau Belt - Target Shorts - Wet Seal Leggings - Walmart Jewelry - Bodyline, vintage Boots - thrifted

Boots: Outfit #2

I swear, one day I'll have money for a tripod and then I'll take photos in a less "blah" area of my home.  Today's ensemble based around the aforementioned boots is styled in a pirate-lolita kind of way. The only thing I'm really missing is a super cool tricorn and sword!  Outfit Rundown: Dress - Bodyline Hair pieces - Bodyline, thrifted Blouse - thrifted Socks - Kmart Boots - thrifted Either way, I really think this is one of my new favorite outfits. Next up....a mori girl goes to tea look. Another lolita/steampunk coordinate, and who knows from there.....

Boots: Outfit #1

It's a nice chilly day, very reminiscent of autumn. Which is, incidentally, my favorite season. So I decided to create an autumn based look, that's very casual and comfortable, to kick off my fashion challenge.  Outfit Rundown: Dress - Target Leggings - Walmart Cardigan - thrifted Necklace - vintage (Grandma's) Boots - thrifted