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Halloween OOTD: The Mummy


The Mummy (ala Brendan Frasier) is one of my favorite films of all time and when I'm in the mood for a "classic" horror movie monster, mummies always seem to do the trick. So I've finally done a tribute to my fave supernatural entity...


All Clothing - Thrifted Necklace - Target Wrappings - Target


Why I'm so Fond of Halloween

Halloween holds a special place in my heart. And it's not just because I'm a weirdo who really likes all things spooky, creepy, and decidedly paranormal. It's a day (or night) with a lot of spiritual and historical import - at least for a witch with ancestor ties to Ireland.

What we know today as a spooky night of frolic for kids (or an excuse to get absolutely "graveyard smashed" on a weeknight - in costume) has its roots in a much more somber observance. And since this information has been floating around the internet in some iteration or another, I'm gonna hazard a guess that most of you, dear readers, have at least read the name Samhain (pronounced sow-en, soh-een, or sha-vin, respectively) or heard tell of its pagan origins.

"Autumn has arrived, and with it comes the advent of Samhain, a Gaelic holiday celebrated by Pagans and Wiccans, which is the year's third and final harvest festival. ... Rituals surrounding Samhain include bonfires, healing…

Five Obscure Scary Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

If you're anything like me (though I have my doubts here...) you enjoy a scary movie this time of year. The air is crisp and cool, the trees are eerily bare, and the darkness creeps on us faster and faster each evening. The veil is thinning and spirits run amok, it's the perfect time for a spooky film or two.

With reboot IT being all the rage right now - a hard pass from me, Tim Curry is the only Pennywise in my heart - I figured now would be the perfect time to remind you all that there are some positively wonderful and scary films floating around out there that have been around for a hot minute now and here are five that you should definitely see:

1.) Housebound

A horror-comedy from New Zealand - "A young woman is forced to return to her childhood home after being placed under house arrest, where she suspects that something evil may be lurking." This film is hilarious in that you get a taste of a very dysfunctional family forced under the same roof together while tr…

Releasing "Toxins" - Or, why do so many beauty/lifestyle bloggers buy into these myths?!

Look, I may be a practicing witch and overall into the woo~woo~ spiritual stuff (because aesthetic! and the placebo effect are legit mental and spiritual health boosters for me) but I'm also very science-minded and when it comes to health and what our bodies do, I'm even more FOR SCIENCE!

So when I came across a blog post recently (I'll be nice and leave the blog title out of this post) that recommended switching to a more natural deodorant as a way of letting our bodies sweat out toxins - I couldn't help it. My whole being just CRINGED in agony.


Because, as you may suspect, the online lifestyle and health communities are absolutely rife with pseudo-science health information and buzz words that exist to scare you into spending more money on supposedly "healthy" products that help you lose weight, have more energy and yes, "release toxins". Some of the people spouting this nonsense will even try to convince you they have a legit medical backgr…

Keep St Paul Boring

Keep St Paul Boring started off as a funny inside joke, according to the Minnesota newspaper, the Star Tribune, but it didn't stay that way for too long. Since it's inception on Twitter, the slogan has cropped up on bumper stickers and t-shirts all around the Minnesota Capitol city.

But St Paul really isn't all that boring, as I and countless other residents know, but we are definitely pushing to keep (and make) St Paul more walkable, bikeable, and hip. When competing with our much livelier neighbor, Minneapolis, it's important to point out what St Paul does better.

City Parks

The Twin Cities are home to several dozen city parks, but St. Paul has some of the more interesting ones. Within Lowertown (that's downtown for you non-locals) you will find Rice Park, which overlooks the George Latimer Public Library and hosts a variety of street talent. Last year it was home to a plethora of Pokemon Go players and over the winter was the location of the St Paul Winter Carniv…

OOTD: Friday the 13th

What?! I couldn't resist - and this follows on the heels of my post: How To Goth up your Office Look

So, normally Friday the 13th is a super fun day for me. 13 has always been a lucky number and I adore all things spooky, weird, and superstitious - the lore behind a lot of these common beliefs tends to be super interesting and tied into the cultures they come from.

This year, however - my alarm failed to wake me up twice and I started my period. I was almost late to work and then the Chinese food I had for lunch made me feel really ill. It was kind of redeemed afterwards by hitting some awesome sales at the grocery store (yeah, Chobani Flips!) and finding some cute stuff at Goodwill.

Rundown: ~Dress - Victoria Beckham for Target~ ~Leggings - Xoho~ ~Boots - Mossimo~ ~Coat - Merona~