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Short Story Time: Plead

My demons want to play with yours.
They want to tear their way out of my pale flesh and fly into your eye sockets, poke around in your soul, and throw a bloody tea party.

She was curled up in a little ball on her bed, face buried in the cage of her arms. The bony points of her knees didn’t make for the most comfortable pillow, but she had neither the energy to move or care. It was quiet and cold in the room, her phone sat on the mattress next to her. She waited. And waited.
It was pathetic really, to sit around waiting for someone to care about her and find out if she still breathed. People had their own problems, they didn’t have time to worry about hers. And she didn’t blame them, either, she didn’t want to worry about her issues. It would be best if they just disappeared. If she disappeared.
It wasn’t like she couldn’t see the pattern - her thoughts were taking on a particularly dark twist and the spiral began to curve around her, pulling her down into it’s depths. She could see it h…

Help! What do I wear?!

So I've got an upcoming coffee meet/date thing (possibly!) this week and Eva had the good sense to grill me on my outfit planning. Seeing as I haven't been on an actual "date" in probably a decade (no, nothing with my ex-boyfriends ever counted as a friggin' date) I need some input from you guys.

I put together two outfits that I actually really like and feel super comfortable in. Give me your votes - which one is best! I'll put the poll up on my blog and I want you to vote there. The winning outfit will be worn on said coffee date. :)

Hair and makeup are something I haven't bothered thinking about yet, so please just judge the outfits themselves. Any other concrit or advice can be left in the comment section. ^_^

Short Story Time: Shameless

Disclaimer: I am a horrible person and my mind goes to some weird places when I'm bored. And lonely. And pathetic.

The first kiss probably looked pretty innocent to anyone who might have been watching. It was the tail end of their first meeting, a short stint in a coffee shop, and as they prepared to part ways he impulsively tugged her into a tight embrace and pressed his lips to her cheek. Perfectly innocent.
Except that it wasn’t, and the chemistry that she was experiencing amped up its game - lighting up every nerve ending in her body. It was all she could do not to pull his mouth to hers. They disentangled with shaking hands and reddened faces.
And she replayed the scenario in her mind for days afterwards, wondering what it would feel like to really kiss him. Her heart beat wildly in the darkness and she yearned, not knowing that so did he.
The second kiss was a beautiful accident. They were chilling out at her place, watching a film, when in the middle of an “aha!” moment they t…