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Style Inspiration: Lost Girl's "Kenzi"

Lost Girl is a SyFy series about a Succubus new to the Fae world and her exploits in it. Her sidekick, Kenzi, is a rather impish little human girl with some pretty fantastic fashion. 

Known for her dark hair and thick rimmed eyes, Kenzi is the show's quintessential Goth girl with attitude. She has a fetish for sexy footwear and almost always sports fishnet somewhere on her person. She's also quite the fan of the ever-so-sketchy Hot Topic corset top. 

I'm absolutely in love with Kenzi and it doesn't hurt that I want to borrow literally every item in her closet (even if her choice of footwear would do me some serious harm), so in the spirit of playing some really fun dress up, I'm gonna break it down in case you want to emulate her quirky style too!

1. Long hair/Thick fringe - While Kenzi does sport a variety of hair styles (and colors thanks to her wig collection), her signature style is long black hair with a blunt fringe. This is not something I can currently pull of…

Well guys...

It's been a while since I've written anything here and for that I apologize. Things have been very similar to a gut-wrenching roller coaster lately and I'm kind of surprised I haven't spilled my metaphorical stomach contents yet.

It's the first week back after a week long spring break, where I experienced only a mild increase in overall temperature and no change in status of stress levels or mental state. I kind of thought I would be relieved to come back to my apartment and get away from everyone else's stress, but it turns out dealing with only my own is a lot harder.

The road to surviving this semester intact is a steep up-hill climb and I don't feel right now that I have the stamina to make it there. At least not on my own. I'm absolutely terrified of making contact with the outside world for fear of being told it's too late and I'm screwed. But holing up in my own sick, sad little world isn't helping either. I'm kind of at a loss. 

I d…