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Daily Survey!

What brand of shirt are you wearing?
~ I dunno, there's no tag but it's a button down Snowman pj top from Walmart.~

Would you kiss anyone on your top friends list?
~From Facebook or....? Depends.~

How many people on your top friends do you know in real life?
~Most, if not all of them.~

How many kids do you want to have?
~Zero, baby.~

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
~I used to. I really have no sense of that sort of thing anymore.~

Do you wanna change your name?
~No, I'm okay with it.~

What did you do for your last birthday?
~Not much. Went to class actually.~

What time did you wake up today?
~After noon.~

What were you doing at midnight last night?
~Working on a chapter for my fic.~

Name something you CANNOT wait to do?
~Get dafuq out of here.~

Last time you saw your dad?
~When I was......4.5?~

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?
~I dunno. I don't really think about that stuff.~

Have you ever talked to Tom?
~Myspace Tom? Nope.~

Last thing you ate?

Sailing Past The Holidays

In my haste to return home from the dastardly American holiday commonly known as Thanksgiving, I left my camera behind. Not that I took many photos to begin with, of course. Just a few outfit shots here and there. Even though I brought all of my Lolita clothing back to my mom's place, I only wore it one day. 

That's pathetic.

I did however, begin working on a new dress with some very flowery and decidedly summery fabric. It's a dusty pink color with a white and dark pink rose print. I'm making a shirred back dress - not necessarily Lolita, the aesthetic may actually end up being more Dolly Kei. And I'm happy with that.

I had three Thanksgiving dinners. Yes, three. One on Thursday with my immediate family (Mom, Joey, I and of course Chris), then one later that night with HIS family. And on Saturday my aunt held a dinner since during the actual holiday she was with her husband's family. So that's three large turkey based dinners.

I don't like turkey. I don…

So, about that weekend thing....

You know, the past few weekends have been somewhat less than pleasant for me. I had really hoped that this one was going to look up. And it did, in certain ways.

I received the Moitie dress that the boy bought for me:

Of course, I have breasts and I guess Mana despises truly female forms, so I have a difficult time fitting this garment. I'm going to have to lose weight or bind my breasts probably.

The freebies were nice though:

Baby socks and a lovely choker necklace. Everything was sealed up neatly inside a brand shopping bag too. Major kudos to the seller, she clearly understands the necessity of presentation!

So even though the dress didn't fit well, I still managed to dress up and have a productive day. In fact, I made a new skirt out of a strange fabric I've had lying around in my room for a while.

Time Flies

Anniversaries are a funny thing. Especially when you're a middle school girl and a disgusting poltergeist. <3

My favorite episode so far. Most of them are on Youtube, so if you're bored one night give it a go. Full of cheesy puns, but most of them are pretty clever. 

I actually downloaded the opening tune for my ringtone. <3

Hey, baby!

You know what I love about the cold months of Autumn and Winter? Bundling up and packing away any and all physical "assets". This is the only time out of the year when I am not cat-called on a regular basis. Finally, I can slip into a cozy pea coat, tug on some warm sweat pants (without feeling too hick) and kick on my boots. Once I go out in an ensemble like this, I'm invisible.

I've talked to other girls who experience the same thing. Guys are much less likely to screech at a woman across the street if she's all bundled up in a poofy coat and a scarf. I wore my new winter coat this week and despite it being of a feminine cute and featuring a ruffled hem, not a word was cast my direction. It was blissful.

Makes me long for prolonged coldness and a permanent departure from the unbearable summer months of short shorts and exposed cleavage. Ugh.

Nihongo ni Youkoso!

So, in my JP 101 class, we've mastered hiragana, katakana, and now up to 30 different kanji. Most of which I can read with a fair amount of ease. Writing them is a bit trickier of course, because you must deal with stroke order and when you have to make several very tiny strokes....well...

But still, I am enjoying my learning experience immensely. I also have an oral exam in JP tonight, which I will be reviewing shortly. All you have to do is recite a small piece of dialogue for the professor. So it mostly comes down to memorization. In the bag....yup.

I also have a poem analysis essay due tomorrow, which I'll likely work on tonight. The poem I chose for this essay is The Reaper and the Flowers by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Very few poems I actually find interesting, but this was one of them. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you check it out. Azam Ali has a lovely musical version of this on Youtube, that I also recommend.

So like I said, that's due tomorrow. Anyo…

Every Day is Halloween

Ello, peeps! 
My previous post was a little.....disturbing. I was in a rather upset frame of mind and I have thus settled. So, how abouts we get to describing my somewhat fun but also painful weekend? Saturday, Mom hosted her own little Halloween themed party for just us. She made cutesy little pumpkin and mummy shaped foods and there was much to snack on. I also drank several shots of UV Cake - which is delicious and really does taste like cake, but I will never touch again. Ever.

I had my first real hangover on Sunday and I thought I was going to die. Head hurt, body hurt, stomach was incredibly upset most of the day. I just wanted to curl into a ball and die. It just sucks because I was unable to really enjoy Sunday's festivities.

But Chris spent Sunday night up in St. Cloud with me so that made it bearable. We watched The Crow and then on Monday we bummed around the mall and he bought me lovely things - as he's prone to do.

I got this awesome winter coat from Target. It&#…