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New Items added to my shop!


Lots of cute Mori Kei and Hama Kei styled pieces up for sale, plus some great Gothic Lolita stuff. Check it out and tell your friends who like neat clothes!

Also, check out my marketplace location here:

Share my GoFundMe page, please!

Artist Needs Help Click the link, please. 

I don't remember where I got the idea to start up a GoFundMe account, but I've have it for some time now. I had to revise my campaign and message, but I hope now that my situation is more clear. I've started sharing the link on Facebook and Tumblr and I would really appreciate it if others could share it around. Especially if you can't donate, which I understand. We've all fallen on hard times in one way or another - I'm just trying to take measures to ensure I can eat more than a few times a week and don't end up on the streets.
So thanks in advance.

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