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In the Dust: Substyles that are Not for Me

Sary of The Walrus Room recently created a post about the Goth substyles that just didn't work out for her and I thought I would do something along a similar vein. (I love being inspired by other bloggers!)

Styles I Left In The Dust:


I'm still a huge fan of punk rock music and the associated styles. I totally dig mohawks (and I'm sort of rocking one these days...) and the assortment of cliche plaid and safety pin adornments. But I just don't have the stamina to throw myself wholeheartedly into the scene or style. I DO incorporate bits and pieces of it though - combat boots, faux leather, etc.

Cyber Goth

This one takes a lot of dedication and I did make an attempt at it several years ago when I owned a pair of colorful dreadfalls. But I was terrible at makeup back then and I just can't do the super thin drawn on eyebrows. They look horrible on me. Same with colors like green, blue, or purple....mostly.

Not to mention, it's expensive.

Deathrock/Trad Goth

I refus…

The Power of Introverts

I'm an introvert. I can admit this with no guilt or shame - I am who I am. I much prefer to spend time alone ( in my room or a library ) with books, the internet, music, and just my own company. Cats welcome, but humans usually not.

In today's society and throughout most of the world, being extroverted is prized as the more superior or desirable trait to have. Introverts like myself are seen as weird, social outcasts, loners, or at worst - problems to be fixed. Most of the self-help books you pick up today promote socializing and group work and being outgoing, something that often times doesn't work for those of us who prefer to curl up with a good book rather than go out for drinks on a Wednesday night.

But there's nothing wrong with being introverted. Not at all.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suppose that most of us dark little cookies fall closer to the introvert side of the spectrum. I'm going to assume that most of us prefer to spend time with our close…

Entertainment for the Gothlings

There are a lot of well-known Goth-friendly cartoons out there for a variety of age groups - Beetlejuice, Ruby Gloom, Invader Zim, etc but it was my mission to search a little outside the box and find some that are maybe not so well known.

In my search, I came across two that look fairly promising: Mona the Vampire and Edgar and Ellen.

Mona Parker is a young girl with a vivid imagination who fancies herself a vampire and saves her town often from supernatural phenomena with her friends. This series is French Canadian and didn't air originally in the United States but did show in Canada, France, and even Poland. Luckily, if you want to give series a go in English, it IS available on Netflix.
For those of you off the NA continent, I'm not sure where you'd find it. Sorry. >_<

Edgar and Ellen are 12 year old twins who live alone in a Mansion on the outskirts of a good-goody town called Nod's Limbs - where they spend all day creatively pranking each other and building…

Alternative Makeup for the Harried College Kid

The last thing most of us have time for when we rouse our near dead bodies from the grave - I mean BED! - is impeccable and time consuming makeup. So in my own pursuit of some simple and relatively quick makeup ideas, I came across a few I'd like to share with you!

Emo/Scene Makeup (supposedly for teens)
I would personally skip the glitter bit on this look, but otherwise easy and nice looking.

Wearable Gothic Inspired Makeup
If you skip out on the face makeup (or do your own routine) her eyes and lips bit is awesome for an everyday look.

This one is absolutely perfect! And you don't need any super expensive products either.

I'm only adding this one because it's super cute and this girl has a similar eye shape to me, so I'm definitely gonna give this on a go soon! 

University Uniform - create your own

When I say uniform, I don't mean an actual school uniform. What I'm referring to is your sort of go-to style or outfit base for everyday school situations. Some people constantly reach for jeans and a hoodie, most girls on my campus gravitate towards cheap leggings and UGGs, but my "uniform" is markedly different.

☞ Chances are, it's mostly black. I don't really feel comfortable in anything else.
☞ It probably includes boots of some type - the chunkier the better.
☞ Accessories are often minimal at best.

Here are some examples of the types of clothing I wear to classes and university functions:

College style #1 by akumaxkami featuring gothic home decor

college style #2 by akumaxkami featuring white silk shorts

college style #3 by akumaxkami featuring a hi lo maxi skirt

college style #4 by akumaxkami featuring a black cashmere sweater

Music Discovery: Witchcore

Witchcore, as I've recently discovered, is a genre of music for edgy/geeky college girls, angsty but intellectual high school kids, and those of the darker persuasion looking for something that deviates a little from traditional goth rock.

Witchcore often consists of female-fronted (and sometimes ALL female) acts that are as influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees as they are by Florence and the Machine. ChartAttack has this to say about it: "Think empowered women, slaying dragons and casting spells, with no cackling to be found whatsoever."

Austra, probably set to become the biggest name in the witchcore scene, are a trio from Toronto, with operatic vocals and creepy synths, lesbian-toned lyrics and a song called Spellwork. 

Blood Ceremony, also from Toronto, are a little more heavy metal but with plenty of macabre subject matter and badass vocals from Alia O'brien, this group conjures up images of hooded robes, rusted swords, and sacrifices to dragons. 

Next up we'…