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It's supposed to be spring...damnit!

It snowed again here last night.

What is this shit, it's supposed to be spring now. I want warmer weather and (good gods) sunshine. I want to be able to go outside and enjoy the smell of the wakening earth and hear the birds twitter at each other.

So to inspire feelings of a spooky spring, have some photos of delightfully gothic flowers. Wouldn't these be fun to have in a garden?

I Rose Up At The Dawn of Day - william blake

Today was moving day, the finale. Since the bed frame and dresser were ready and waiting, it was simply time for me to pack up the rest of my belongings and finally make the last, long-awaited haul. So now I'm blogging this from my new bedroom, in my new residence, in a new town, and lemme tell ya - I'm kind of freaking out a bit. I don't like transition.

But I have pictures!

I Choose The Mountain - howard simon

I had a rather productive day and I feel really good about what I've accomplished, so let me relate it all to you here, in this semi-personal space of mine.

Last night around 8 pm, my uncle showed up to help me start hauling some of my stuff up to his place, because I'm moving into his spare bedroom for the next year in order to find better work opportunities, save money, and eventually haul ass to the west coast. That was a long sentence, moving on....we loaded up my stuff, stopped at Walmart on the way to buy a dresser, and spent the better part of the night assembling the damn thing.

Pro tip: drunk carpentry is the best kind of carpentry.

This morning, we drove to Wisconsin (it was about an hour from my uncle's place) to go pick up a bed frame he found on Craigslist. The guy selling it had dropped the price down an extra $20, so who could resist. We took the trailer on the back of the truck and OFF we went.

The frame actually fit perfectly on the trailer.


Short Story Time: In a Suitcase

Her entire life had been packed into one giant square suitcase - a green and floral monstrosity on wheels. In it were an assortment of undergarments, an extra pair of shoes, her favorite articles of clothing and something nice enough to pass for interview attire. There were a few books as well, and some cds for when the silence would become unbearable.
She stood in line, clad in dark jeans and boots. Her hair had been piled into a sloppy bun on top of her head and earbuds dangled along the front of her hooded cardigan. The suitcase sat peacefully next to her.
The bus was boarding now and she checked her ticket once more, destination Seattle. The weather outside the depot reminded her of Washington - it was gloomy and rainy. Instead of unsettling her, she was excited. It was the kind of forecast she adored most, rainy with a chance of adventure. And that’s what this was after all, an adventure.
In just twenty minutes, she’d be seated comfortably near the rear of the coach bus as it left…

A Care Package Arrives~!

From time to time I receive the most lovely care packages from Eva in Montreal. Often these parcels include the most wonderful tea flavors and sometimes I find other goodies, much like in today's package.

Because it was a balmy 65 degrees F here in Minnesota today, I took a stroll down the street to go and retrieve the mail. I'm not-so-patiently waiting on a wig from Bodyline to arrive (does delivery from Japan ALWAYS a take month?) but this was an even lovelier surprise.

Oh my, what do we have here? A variety of mysteriously wrapped items....

Two packages of St. Hubert poutine mix, a fantastic novel, some jasmine tea, nail varnish of the sparkly variety and some mini fizzy bath stuffs. I really couldn't have asked for a better set of goods, thank you so much Eva!

And look at all these custom labels she created for each item? Aren't they so cute!? I almost didn't want to unwrap anything because it all looked so pretty. Best start to spring ever!

Ladies First, part five!

In honor of International Women's Day, we're back with more female fronted bands of the alternative persuasion....this time we're tackling the letter D!

A Spooky Spring?

Can you believe we're having another Friday the 13th this year? That's kind of amazing and it's happening in the lovely spring month of March. Except that it's not particularly spring-like here yet...but in the spirit of wishful thinking...

Here's some fashion inspiration for the warmer temps to come:

Black, lacy dresses and ankle boots.

Gratuitous and layered jewelry.

Long skirts, printed or otherwise.

Fun, DIY pieces, like this fabulous vest.

Shorts. Glorious, leg baring shorts. 

And perhaps, a few hints of color, suitably grunge-d up of course.

What are you most looking forward to wearing in the changing season to come?

A wee bit of a crisis....

I'm not religious, but Sunday seems to have a way of forcing you to reflect on all the mistakes you made during the week and handing you the conclusion that you may, in fact, be a horrible person.

I make impulsive, stupid decisions. It's kind of my M.O.

And then I live with the after-math and wind up making myself all kinds of stressed out and sick.