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Nevermore....two excellent raven makeup looks!

With Halloween swiftly approaching, there are NO shortages of really cool makeup tutorials popping up on Youtube. Some of them are downright creepy (like this one: here  ) and some of them are kind of cutesy and girly (like this one: here  ) But my two favorites that I've come across so far are very recent tutorials involving crows and ravens, respectively. The first one is by makeup guru MissChievous and her look aims to emulate a crow with very feathered black eyebrows and striking facial contouring: You know, it kind of reminds me of that Miley Cyrus music video, the one for Can't Be Tamed, in which she's dressed like a bird. The second tutorial is from GoldieStarling and hers is a Poe inspired makeup featuring a Raven look. This involves heavy eyeshadow, some glittery dappling, feathering of eye-liner and super dark lips: This is decidedly more Burton-esque, but in truth I actually really love them both and might give them a try for some Halloween part

Splat! Purple Dye Review

I dyed my hair purple last year too. That was right before Halloween and I went crazy doing the bleaching and dying bit. In the end, I had to use two boxes of dye to get the level of purple I wanted and even then it barely held. I think my mistake was in dying right after bleaching and then not leaving the dye in long enough. So over the weekend, I bought a box of this dye once again to give it another go. This time I did not bleach my hair but went straight to the dye itself. I applied it around 9 pm and slept with it in. I had a lot of success doing this with Raw and Manic Panic, so I tried the same technique here. The box said to leave the dye in for about 35 minutes....but I know better. Before  After Can you see the gradient effect there? I reckon that's from having my hair tied up with the dye in it so the color became more concentrated there. But I rather like the effect. It looks cool in person. Last time I would have given Splat! a 2.5/5 and this t

"Now I'm in Zero Gravity!"

Bubble Goth is defined two different ways: In fashion terms it's defined as wearing something that is light, cute, wonderful but can also be described as cute, creepy, or dark. This style was coined by Estonian singer Kerli Koiv .  Bubble Goth is also a genre of music that sounds very bubble gum but has Goth lyrics - typically dealing with topics like vampires, zombies, death, and other taboo subjects. The music itself can sound very upbeat or mellow, but the lyrics are traditionally always dark in nature. Here's an example of Kerli's music style. I'm really quite fond of her as an artist but I know many people that dislike her voice, her musical style, or just her in general. That's fine...There are actually other Bubble Goth artists out there, but if you're interested I'm gonna let you hunt them down yourself! Kerli herself describes the Bubble Goth style as one that mixes in very extreme elements to make one off-beat look. For example,