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How to Conduct a Good Annual Employee Review

...from the perspective of an employee who just had an annual review.

There is nothing more frightening than that time of year when your boss or supervisor announces that annual employee reviews are coming up. Suddenly, every deadline looms that much larger, every little side-eye from a coworker seems that much more sinister. You feel like you're being watched - and you are - but it feels like someone is just waiting for you to screw up in some way.

Oh, just me?

So, here are some ideas from an employee (who regularly deals with anxiety and paranoia) on how to conduct the best annual employee review possible.

 Announce it ahead of time
Please give us time to prepare and get into a head-space that allows us to analyze our own strengths and weaknesses. That way, when you're discussing our apparent strengths and weaknesses we are all on the same page and able to level with each other.

My supervisor told us two months ago that employee reviews were coming up. And then we were remin…

Vote: Blog Layout Change!

Hey readers, I'm thinking of changing up my blog layout. Again! What I have right now isn't terrible, but the spacing between the posts section and the sidebar has always bothered me. So, after a bit of digging through Blogger's available layouts - I settled on three (3) that I like.

But, I'm going to put the vote up to you! At the end of the week, I'll take note of the results and the change will go into effect. Cheers!




Which Layout Do You Like Best?
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Weekly Food For Thought: On Being Nonbinary, Networking Fears, and Defying French Beauty Standards

Like most women, I struggled with body image. Then I realized I wasn't a woman.  This article over on The Tempest really spoke to me. I too struggle with a disconnect from my own body, but being able to identify my inner-gender helped me to either make peace with the body I have or start making plans to change the things that truly cause me distress. Like having breasts. 

How to Get Over Your Fear of Networking - this recent post from The Everygirl reminds us that we all find networking kind of scary, but it can be especially overwhelming for us introverts. The tips provided here are great for breaking it down in much more easily digestible (and less frightening) tactics.

Remember Skrillex? This greasy-haired hipster kid brought dubstep and other forms of EDM to mainstream attention and now he's back with a new soundtrack aimed at making your next workout even more intense. I still like Deadmau5 but I'm not sure if I want to give Skrillex 2.0 a go or not.

Jelly Nails are the …

Capsule Library Challenge

If you had to create a time capsule in which you could only place 10 items of clothing and 10 authors or notable books - what would you choose? Even trickier if the clothing item has to correspond to your favorite book or author....

I was tagged for this challenge by Ellen of Sarcasm in Heels (quite a while ago, now!), so how can I pass up this fun opportunity? Let's do this:

1. Bram Stoker's Dracula / Crimson Duster Cardigan

2. Paul Doherty with the Amerotke Series / Egyptian Print Linen Shirt

3. Chris Wooding / Brown Velvet Maxi Skirt

4.Skulduggery Pleasant / Black Brimmed Hat

5. Anna Dressed in Blood / Red Cold Shoulder Dress

6. Ann Rice / Cream Front-Tie Blouse

7. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo / Black Jeans

8. Memoirs of a Geisha / Kimono

9. Edgar Allen Poe / Raven Pin-up Dress

10. Neil Gaiman with Good Omens / Olive Green Combat Boots

What would you place in your literary time capsule? Let me know in the comments below!

Weekly Food for Thought: 07/13/2018

In honor of Friday the 13th, here is a round-up of some fun and spooky discoveries:

Goth Succulents are a Thing - and I really, really want some for my balcony now! Or maybe my bedroom window sill. The coffee table. As a kitchen centerpiece. Ugh.

This idea that Dracula is really just every rapist and abuser you know doesn't sit well with me, having read the damn, actual book and not just the Bela Lugosi films which are, truthfully, hilariously sad. I mean, let's be real - The Count was a religious crusader against the Turks and the defender of Transylvania who took the news of his wife's suicide pretty hard and turned his back quite violently on God when the Church refused to bury her. I can dig.

So he spends the next several hundred years as a cursed creature of the night seeking out the reincarnation of his lost love's soul so they can finally be together again. And it's Mina who saves them both - so take that! #girlpower

Ghost Particles from outer space, tiny sub…

What You Can Learn From Your Introvert Friends

If you're an extrovert, you probably have a busy schedule - days packed with family outings, extracurriculars your kids, coffee with friends, brunch with the girls, and happy hour with work colleagues. You enjoy being around people and experiencing all the vivaciousness that life has to offer.
But you might also be feeling burnt out, a little exhausted, and maybe even stressed from trying to keep track of so many engagements. If keeping up with the status quo of "being busy" is taking it's toll on you, here are a few words of advice from an introvert who understands the value and peace of a life lived more quietly:
1. Do your own thing.

I get it - you want to spend time with the people that you care about, and sometimes that means doing things you aren't always interested in doing, for the sake of being able to spend time with those people. I've been there and done that.

But it's perfectly okay to take a hard look at your own interests and choose to do thin…


Today's post features The Aesthetic Tag, created by Kara, and is all about the authenticity of your real and beautiful self. Thought I'd give it a try!

1. Post the tag photo in the body of your post and copy the title of your post from mine
2. Tag at least three friends who you know enjoys being authentic and real or their blog seems to be that message.
3. Answer all questions if possible and if they don't apply to you, explain why.

1. Post a no-makeup photo. Don't take and retake. You have one shot. It's so easy to take a photo over and over in a world of digital cameras, but before in the world of one step cameras and film, that just wasn't possible. Let's go back to that for a quick moment. It's OK. 

Oh look, it's a "just woke up like this" selfie. I've been posting them on Instagram in the morning and people seem to dig it. Dunno why, but I'm gonna make it a thing. My ugly mug gets more hits like this than when I'm act…

K-Beauty Review: The Creme Shop Yogurt Modeling Mask

Hello there viewers! It's been a hot minute since I've done something silly and trivial like a beauty product review but here we are. I actually used this one up before we moved, because the packaging on this thing was just too clunky to want to pack away with the rest of my skin care stuff.

Behold, the yogurt cup face mask.

After tearing off the lid and inside cover, you find a dubious white powder and a mixing stick. The instructions are to fill water to inside line and mix quickly into a creamy consistency. Sounds simple enough.


I clearly added too much water. Oops. So with a texture decidedly more watery than creamy I slathered as much of it as was comfortable onto my skin. It dried to a nice flaky mess on my face while I lounged (for the last time!) in my claw foot tub.

Also, I was supposed to peel it off, not rinse it. Again, this was my mistake. I'm pretty sure I still got the collagen boost this thing was advertising but maybe the aftermath on my face would…

De-Stressing After A Hectic Move!

Whew! It's been a crazy past week, kids. There was so much happening at work - from Quarterly Meetings that needed planning, Interpreter Orientation (again), and professional photographs being taken for business purposes - AND at home - we moved over the weekend!

If you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen some of the craziness. I can't believe we had so much stuff - well, I could believe my partner had that much stuff but even after all the Goodwill donation bags I still had a LOT left over.

Or maybe it just looks that way because it's all congregated in the living room rather than in designated spots?

Even so, it was a real hassle to move. We rented an Enterprise moving truck (did you know they had those? I did not know they had those.) because Uhaul was totally booked up and no one else had any rental trucks available. Hindsight's 20/20: I should have booked one way in advance! Oops.

So then we packed everything up on Saturday, cleaned up as best we could …

Weekly Food For Thought: 07/01/2018

The European Parliament killed the Internet. I'm not joking - and as some of you are fellow bloggers, you should know about this and how it might affect the way you post and link back to other sites. Fan-fic and fiction writers, also beware. 
 "Beauty means something different for everyone. It’s whatever makes you feel good," says Tess Holliday. She created the viral hashtag #EffYourBeautyStandards
Lance Bass, former NSYNC boy band member, has some great tips for looking after your mental health, but can we stop centering the voices of white, gay, cis-males in the LGBT+ community?
I am but a humble Upper Midwest resident and yet I resonate very much with this fresh take on what popular trends Southern girls are shucking and what they're donning instead. Allow me to tip my hat to that leopard print.
Priyanka Chopra Wants the World to Rethink How It Sees Beauty
Should St Paul, MN raise it's minimum wage to $15 an hour? With the same recent success in Minneapolis, St Pau…