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Alice Through The Looking Glass, first look!

Finally, the first trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland sequel has been released and the film looks even more colorful and imaginative than the last. This time, Alice returns to Wonderland through way of a mirror and her main antagonist seems to be Time. Her mission: Rescue the Hatter. I'm going to be honest here and that's likely going to put me in a minority - I'm not a terribly big fan of Tim Burton, especially his more modern works. Dark Shadows tanked, as far as I'm concerned. He produced Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter as well...please don't waste your time on that film, it made my brain bleed. But I did enjoy Alice in Wonderland - a story about Alice's second adventure in Wonderland and her imposed quest to defeat the Red Queen. It was a whirlwind of visual whimsy and the costumes were fantastic. Let's not forget a stellar cast either. So I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the sequel when it premiers in May. Anyone