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How To: Goth up your Office Look

All Images Courtesy of Pinterest. I own nothing. Halloween is right around the corner and that means my inner Goth is itching to come out. She often manifests these days as the occasional dark lip or bat print socks, but by October 1st the spook factor is in full swing.

So how does one add little touches of the macabre to their work wardrobe without looking like they waltzed out of Hot Topic? Easy - just tap into the genius that is Corp Goth. While I'm not recommending that you step out the door in latex pants and a striped blazer sharp enough to slice a man's head off, there are definitely some edgy silhouettes and styles that are still perfectly appropriate for the workplace.

1.) Accessorize.
If you want to keep it really simple and toned down, letting just a little of your Halloween spirit peak out, I would suggest incorporating one or two Gothic pieces of jewelry. A rosary style necklace is a subtle and classy touch, but if desecrating religious imagery isn't your speed…

OOTD: Cuz the Lady is a Vamp

~Outfit~ Dress - Xhilaration  Bag - Steve Madden Shoes - Mossimo

Holy hell, my legs are pale.

Battling Dark Eye Circles

I have chronic, dark under eye circles. I always have - pretty sure it's a hereditary feature of mine to have incredibly thin skin under my eyes and the natural deep set of them doesn't help either. No matter how much sleep I get (and believe I usually get more than the recommended 8 hours - I LOVE sleep!) I always look like I just crept out of my grave.

Which isn't always a bad thing - I tend to embrace my inner zombie all month long during October, but if I'm after a bright springy or summery look - it's just not a good time.

So how do I deal with my dark under eye circles?

1.) Step One - Moisturize! I try to keep my under eye area hydrated by using an eye cream at night and a caffeinated serum in the morning to ease some of the inevitable puffiness. I use gentle patting motions with my ring finger - don't rub! The less capillary breakage, the less bruised your eye area will look.

2.) Step Two - Gel Masks. These things are heaven-sent, I swear. I love the Qu…

OOTD: Like. A. Boss.

Inspired by Ipsy's September Glam Bag theme - I chose to channel my inner boss babe as well.

Outfit Rundown: Dress ~ H&M Blazer ~ Michael Kors Shoes ~ MIA Necklace ~ Alchemy England Bag ~ Ipsy glam bag

My September Ipsy Glam Bag

This month's glam bag theme is all about being a boss. Or a boss lady, if you feel the need to make gender distinctions - I don't. But the goal this month is to empower women and while I have a hard time seeing how makeup factors into that (feminist grrrl power via makeup is a nasty marketing ploy by the male-dominated beauty industry) - I really love what came in my bag.

So without further adieu, let's jump right into it.

This month's glam bag showed up in the standard pink envelope, unlike August's glam bag which was kind of a one-off gold color and not likely one we'll see again. Not that I mind, the pink foil certainly caught my attention when I got home from work and I knew immediately what it was!

Inside, a lovely black bag with a nice spiky texture and a royal blue lining held the following items:

Two Sheet Masks from Manefit, another Korean beauty brand. The first is a Mugwort Astringent + Pore care and the other is a Lily, Whitening and Brightening mas…

On Being Healthy: Trusting your Gut

It seems these days that I can't simply scroll through a lifestyle/fashion blog (or two....or three) without seeing an endless stream of "How to Eat Healthier", "This is the SUPER FOOD you need to be eating, like yesterday!" and "Why you should cut this out of your diet and do this thing that *I* do instead."

It's mind-boggling, and the worst part is that no matter where you look you're bound to find an endless amount of conflicting information. Well she says that eating rich and nutrient dense food is good for you (because, Paris, duh) but they say that only eating organic and plant-based is the key to happiness (and good health or something). So....who do you trust? What do you listen to? And better still, how do you emulate it?

Brace yourselves...this is revolutionary.


Trust your gut.

While I mean that literally, I also mean it figuratively. YOU know what's best for you, especially after you take into consideration things lik…

When Riding Transit Gets Scary

Ah, public transit - the lifeblood of major metro areas all over the globe. While we often look on in amazement at the grids of bus lines, train lines, and streetcars that run like clockwork all around us, we also need to be wary of their dangers.

And I don't just mean the danger inherent in riding any kind of moving vehicle.

As any femme-presenting person knows, riding their local transit brings with it a whole slew of concerns. I can't think of a single woman I know that hasn't been harassed or made uncomfortable on a bus or train in her lifetime, and I have plenty of stories of my own. Some are embarrassing, some were scary, and at other moments I genuinely might have feared for my life.

Granted, I'm not riding the subway in NYC or taking a crowded bus through downtown L.A. - but the Twin Cities Metro Transit has a dark side all its own. So what's a person to do when they're nestled in their seat, ear buds on, and disconnected from the outside world and a po…

OOTD: Golden Days

I love autumn weather and it's been chilly enough all week that I'm finally able to wear cute sweaters again. I don't enjoy standing at the bus stop in 40 degree mornings, but the afternoons have been lovely and bright, with just a hint of that cool nip in the air.

Outfit Rundown: Mustard Sweater - Mossimo Ruffled Tank - Banana Republic Dark Denim - Express Black Bag -  Steve Madden Cheetah Flats - Kenneth Cole Collection

Not Your Mother's: My Hair Care Routine

It's been several years since I've grown my hair out. I first chopped my locks off back in 2011, when I was in university. It was a bold choice, but I was a bold new person and I needed a look that reflected that. So I went for a cute and spiky pixie cut - I loved it!

Ever since, I've gone back and forth with varying different short hair styles, but last year when I finally decided I was going to grow my hair out for real, I needed some new hair care products that were going to ensure maximum scalp health and remind me to stick with it. No scissors!

I settled on Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Shampoo and Conditioner. They were on clearance at my local grocery store, so I honestly couldn't resist. I had heard good things about this line before and I wanted a chance to try it out myself.

So that night in the shower, I used both the shampoo and conditioner for the first time.

Immediate Impression:

The smell is like strawberries and cream. Lovely.The shampoo lathered up …