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Goth Challenge - Week 9

Something that's not my style, but that I love anyways.

I dabbled in the cyber goth thing back in 2009 or so, but in the end I decided it really wasn't my thing. As cool as dread-falls are, they hurt my scalp like no other head-gear ever has.

Target Haul

If I had to pick, I think Target is my favorite department store. Every time I go there I tend to find something I adore and need to buy. So since the weekend was a bit boring and dreary, the boy and I went "shopping". I wasn't honestly expecting to find much I'd want, but since their spring clothing line is in - I figured I would give it a go. 

The first item is this summery blue/green dress. The under layer is a sea green stretchy knit and the overlay is a nice blue lace. It falls to just above the knee and will be super cute for spring/summer I think. As it would turn out, I've actually already got some jewelry and such to match this - so it was a good investment.

As I'm running extremely low on my Sephora liquid makeup remover (which I got for free) I opted for some cleansing clothes. e.l.f is super cheap, so this $3 investment was also pretty すごい。

I've been hearing a LOT about BB creams lately so when I cruised past this in the makeup aisle for only $7,…

Surviving Spring Break

Blargh....I wish I could come in here and tell you all that I had a fantastic break away from school, but that would taste a lie. Facts are these: I did have a week-long break, and I did accomplish a "couple" of things.

March 7, Thursday: Lindsey Stirling concert. Only the most epic thing ever conceived of. I took videos of that....

I do apologize for shoddy sound quality, I may have had my finger over the mic at some point......

March 8, Friday: Trip to the doctor where I relayed all the information regarding my mental health dating back to last October - when I abruptly tweaked out and dropped my antidepressants. He prescribed me a generic of Zoloft, which helps to treat anxiety as well.....

Weekend: Stayed cooped up at home and the boy's place. Watched some television and snuggled with my kitten.

Actually....that's pretty much what I did most of the week too. My new pills have given me some nasty insomnia (though that seems to be abiding just a bit now) and I may …

Love for Lindsey

So tonight I'm going to see Lindsey Stirling at First Ave in Minneapolis. I'm SOOOO excited - I even dressed up! 

Outfit: ~Dress - Punk Rave~ ~Blouse - thrifted~ ~Tights - Target~ ~Boots - gift~ ~Top Hat - Hot Topic~

I'll definitely be taking some video footage of the concert, compiling it on my computer and then throwing up a super cute and fun video for everyone. 

This is actually the first big show I've ever been to. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Wish me luck!

Goth Challenge Week 8

Goth-y Things in my Every Day Life:

Other than the fact that I wear black on a regular basis and like experimenting with odd lip colors, there are tell-tale signs of my Gothness lying about my apartment. I had to go on a manhunt to locate them all ( I DO share this place with three other people) but I found most of them. Just little clues that would give away my sub-cultural affiliations:

Within my room, I have bat wall decals, striped lantern lights, Halloween tinsel, and my hanging glow-in-the-dark skeleton, Victor. I take him everywhere with me. Kind of freaked Amy out last year though.....^_^

Despite the fact that my bathroom is gobbed up with Hello Kitty cuteness, I couldn't resist adding some darker touches. The skeleton dude hangs out in funny poses on my mirror and makes me smile in the morning. The soap dispenser was on sale at Savers (large thrift store) and the soap smells like black licorice. ^_^

I also have bat stickers on the front of my bedroom door. A fair warning to a…

March Theme: Purple

As some of you already know, SophistiqueNoir hosts a monthly theme challenge post and the theme for March is Purple!


Purple is one of my favorite colors, and I like most of the various tints and shades of it.  I even painted my bedroom back home a lovely lavender color with black trim. It's quite cozy and lighter shades of purple can be very soothing, I think.

Just now I had a look around my dorm room for all the purple stuff I have in sight. The first that popped up is my Halloween tinsel bat thing hanging in the window:

I own a rather small amount of purple clothing, sadly. Just a couple of t-shirts and sweaters here and there. I also have a pair of purple skinny jeans - I love 'em! Purple is one of those colors that looks good on almost everyone. It doesn't seem to matter how pale you are or what your hair color is, there is surely a shade that works. For me, a pale redhead, I can rock pretty much all kinds of purple. Except maybe dark purple…