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Finals Week: Round 1

So finals week is off to a great start. I didn't do much studying over the weekend, even though I should have, but I did pretty good on two exams so far. I have another one at 7:30 am tomorrow morning and then one at 10:00 am on Friday. I'll study more tonight for my final exam tomorrow and then the rest of the week is pretty much devoted to brushing up on my entire Math course.

Also, it's official. Pillarbox Red from Manic Panic is crap. I redyed my hair this weekend. I went ahead and reinforced the green a bit and then used up the entire rest of the bottle of red and after washing it out it's still pretty orange. I don't know if that particular color just looks that way or what....but if I ever do something similar I'm going with a much darker red shade. And maybe a different brand. Perhaps Raw does red as well....*ponders*

Too bad it's so blurred (boyfriend sucks with camera) but here's an elusive smile from me. Aren't I purdy? And yes, my hair dye…

Last Day of Classes

Welp, the end of the semester is nearly here. Today was the last day of regular classes for me and next week I only have a few finals. Whew! I'm so relieved that after next week I just get to relax. 

Today I gave my final speech in CMST. It was a persuasive speech urging my classmates to donate plasma and I think I did pretty well on it. I wasn't as nervous as I usually am during presentations, so I didn't stumble as much. I might have been just under the time limit though, I'm not sure.

The miracle is that I was even up in time for my speech today. You see, last night the hyenas on my floor were being particularly loud and obnoxious. I guess none of them need to study for their classes or finals. Fine, I hope they all flunk out and vacate the premises then. But to top it all off, one of the girls next door brought her boyfriend into our bathroom.

Let me explain something here. My floor is an all girls floor. I chose that way for a reason. I don't want guys up here al…