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Musing on Studio Apartments....

Written August 25, 2016

Hello, dear friends and readers - it’s been a short while hasn’t it? I’m not sure when I last updated or what was going on then, but naturally, as time moves things continue to happen and things have definitely happened.
Thing, the first - Tyler and I now have an apartment! Well, it’s just a little studio near downtown St Paul, but our names are on the lease and we moved in last Saturday. We had been renting out a crappy bedroom in a shithole-hovel in Eden Prairie but she kicked us out August 1st, so in the meantime I’d been staying with family and Tyler had been crashing with a coworker - we went to a couple of apartment showings and put in applications, not sure if anything would really pan out, but luckily we were approved for this unit in an 1800’s complex that’s currently being renovated. And when I say currently, I mean the Masters of Disasters are literally in the unit next door pounding out door frames and shit. So it gets pretty noisy in here during the…