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Autumn Curiosities

⌘ Stripy Tights and Leggings ⌘
⌘ Over-sized Cardigans ⌘
⌘ Hot Apple Cider ⌘
⌘ Black Cats (mine, mostly) ⌘
⌘ Falling Leaves ⌘
⌘ Halloween ⌘
⌘ Crisp Air ⌘
⌘ Hot Baths with Bubbles ⌘
⌘ Crunching noises under my boots ⌘
⌘ Baking ⌘
⌘ Pumpkin flavored goods ⌘
⌘ Cold nights where I can see my breath ⌘
⌘ Taking photos ⌘
⌘ Ghost Hunting ⌘
⌘ Long Walks ⌘

Self-Esteem Killers

Depression. Anxiety. Agoraphobia. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

As if ALL THAT wasn't enough to make me feel like a pile of garbage on the best of days....

Today, peer reviews for my first poem in my Poetry Writing class. Wanna hear some of my classmate's critiques?

~ ending could be stronger

~ a little too boring

~ language didn't stick out to me

~ use different adjectives

~ cliche, cliche, cliche!

Wow, could you have been more ambivalent to my teetering emotions? Probably not. I suppose they could have just been outright hostile - I'd actually prefer that. Gives me something to fight against and get angry about. But this....well....this just makes me want to throw in the towel and never write a single piece of prose. Ever. Again.

I know I'm being irrational. I know this. I can't help it. Sometimes it's the little things that have the most power to break us down.

Diversity is a GOOD thing, kids.

Nina Davuluri, Miss New York, was crowned winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant. She is the first woman of Indian descent to be crowned. When her name was announced, Twitter and Facebook blew up with hateful and racist comments. 

For some examples, please click this link to the buzzfeed article calling out these sick fucks: Yo!

Nina, 24, currently aspires to be a doctor - she comes from a long line of family physicians. Her platform for the pageant was celebrating diversity and while she considers herself first and foremost an American - she paid homage to her Indian roots with a Bollywood fusion dance during the talent portion of the competition. 

She says she is very happy that children watching at home can relate to a new Miss America. 

Of course, her winning the crown did not come without some controversy: across social media sites she was accused of being a Muslim, a terrorist, an Arab, and not "American enough" to win the pageant. The nation's voted favorite was Miss…

What I Would Tell My College Freshman Self

I have to admit, even through all my usual apathy and blase attitude towards today's youthful institutions, I was excited to be a college freshman. Even though I was technically in my twenties and already at a social disadvantage - I knew (JUST KNEW!) I was going to find some like-minded friends on campus. Somewhere. At some point. Maybe.

Truth is, I had some really unrealistic expectations. And not just about myself as a student, but about everything relating to the college experience. If I could have a conversation with myself from two years ago, this is what I'd tell her:

1.) Freshman Orientation is a complete waste of time. If you're an adventurer like myself, then you've already scoured campus looking for all it's interesting nooks and crannies. You don't need to stumble between buildings with your awestruck floor-mates while they marvel over the stupidest shit OR don't even look up from their phone.

2.) There are SO many blog articles and college website…

Inspiration: Fall Fashion

With the promise of cooler weather on the horizon (but not yet! Damned 80 friggin' degrees....rawrfrghdadjhfdsh) I've been perusing Pinterest for some inspiration on putting together a fall wardrobe. What I've come up with as inspiring images and pieces kind of surprised me and yet, as the same time, it didn't. Because all of these looks are, to me, quintessentially AUTUMN:

Right now I'm in love with the idea of rompers and jumpsuits. Not only are they insanely EASY to coordinate, but they're also comfy and can accommodate a wide array of fashion styles.  I'm particularly fond of the striped and plaid ones featured here!

Sweaters and skirts with cute autumn-esque boots. This is also the perfect way to showcase a collection of adorable stockings. Not to mention, this look can be really cute and comfy for a lazy day at home or in class.

Now we delve into the muted tones and copious layers, ala Mori Kei. I like the idea of a dress that already has layers sewn in,…

Move Review: Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters

If it sounds like the cheesy title of a reality-based ghost hunting show on late night television, then you'd be right on the money. Grave Encounters follows a small team of ghost hunters filming their fifth television episode in an abandoned and reportedly haunted asylum. 
Much like most ghost series on TV these days, the beginning of the film shows the crew interviewing former staff, groundskeeper, and neighbors about their ghostly experiences. Nobody has anything particularly interesting to say and the crew assumes this is gonna be a routine lock-down - the kind where they have to scare up their own ghost footage.
But once they're locked in and all the lights go out, you only get to see what the crew sees on the static cameras and their handheld night vision camcorders. In that respect it really IS just like your standard ghost hunting show. Until people start dying, that is....

I totally recommend this movie if you get a kick out a ghost hunting shows and cons…