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March in Review + Some of my favorite things...

This post comes as an inspiration from Smaggle, an Australian blogger whom I love that couldn't be more different from me so her insights are incredibly refreshing. Her recent blog post focused on what her month has been like and what she's up to, so I thought I would do a similar take on it, since the Ides of March have done me quite a number....

Feeling: Incredibly stressed out lately. I've got some work projects that are overwhelming me lately and some things happening at home that need to be sorted out. This stress has even started to affect my health. No bueno.

Wanting: To take a vacation somewhere nice. Like Bora Bora. Or the Dominican Republic. 

Cooking: A lot of curry. Like seriously, in just the last two weeks I've made an Indian-inspired coconut curry chicken dish and just last night I made Japanese-style curry with rice.

Drinking: Aloe Vera juice! It's such a great spring and summer drink - very refreshing and while I don't normally like pulp in my juice…

March 2018 - Ipsy Glam Bag

DIRTY LITTLE SECRET COSMETICS Baked Highlighter in Bellini CLARK'S BOTANICALS Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream SKIN&CO ROMA Truffle Therapy Cleansing Cream EYEKO Lash Alert Mascara in Carbon Black DOUCCE Freematic Eyeshadow Mono in Lola

K-Beauty Review: Etude House Sheet Masks

I purchased several Etude House products from Hollar quite a while ago and since I've finally sampled all of them, here is my condensed review and demonstration.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Okay, I was expecting this to be a nice set of gel under-eye patches, but that's not what I got at all. Instead, the texture was very similar to a regular sheet mask, only much thinner and flimsier and dripping wet. So naturally...they kept slide down my face the whole time they were on. 

My under eye area felt super hydrated and soft afterwards though, so for all it's awkwardness in applying and keeping in place, they had some kind of payoff. I still prefer gel patches though, so I don't think I'd purchase these again! 

Etude House Charcoal Chin Pack

I'd been having some breakouts and bumpiness in my chin area, so I decided to test out these cute little chin packs. There were three of them to a package, so that was a nice touch. They start off dry and then you wet your chin a…

How to Keep a Tidy Home with a Messy Partner

Nine times out of ten, when two people live together, it will become clear that one of them is a "clean" person and the other one is a "messy" person. One of the biggest relationship conflicts that arise when two people live together is household chores and who should be responsible for what.

In fact, according to a 2007 Pew Research Study - household chores was ranked 3rd in issues that determined a successful marriage - with faithfulness and good sex just ahead of it.

I'm the Clean One in my relationship. My partner is the Messy One.

This has been an area of contention for us since we moved in together. From my perspective, it's not that difficult to toss out food wrappers and packages after using up its contents. From my partner's perspective, it's just not a big deal and can be tossed out later - when we need space on the counter or coffee table.

From my perspective, finding crumbs in the couch (or the bed sheets, gods forbid!) is worthy of a w…

St. Patrick's Day Makeup

I've always been a fan of pink and green together (I think it stems from my fun cyber goth days) so this St. Patrick's Day I decided to do a decidedly pink-based makeup look to go with my green tank and jacket.

After washing my face and applying e.l.f.'s Beauty Shield Vitamin C serum, I followed it up with this tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 and a bit of Smashbox's Radiance primer on my eyelids.

For a bit of contour and highlight I used my new Physician's Formula Nude Wear bronzer palette and the DLS baked highlighter that came in my recent IPSY bag.  They're both very light on pigment so they work well with my pale skin tone.

On my eyes I started off with my Profusion Amber Eyes palette using the shade Ideal all over my eyelid and Fling in my crease. I followed that up with the new eyeshadow sample from doucce that came in my IPSY bag, as well as the doucce Punk Volume Mascara.

I used my e.l.f. liquid liner to trace where I wanted my eyeliner to be before put…

Dating Someone on the Autism Spectrum

*I'm going to preface that I'm not a licensed psychologist or medical professional, and that all opinions and advice offered within are based purely on personal experience and other anecdotal evidence*

Dating Someone on the Autism Spectrum

I'm not gonna lie, I have a weird relationship. We're both kind of somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum. We're both mentally ill, too, but in different ways. But when it comes to Autism, they're on the spectrum (AS) and I'm not (NS). This has presented some unique challenges, in addition to the other factors that contribute to our little brand of weird, so I thought I would take the opportunity to chat a little bit about that from my perspective.

I'm also hoping to shine a little bit of sun on an otherwise dark topic, since you can't run a Google search on 'dating someone with autism' without finding a bunch of NS self-appointed caretaker/martyrs who just need so much sympathy, woe is them! *cough* I digress.


Sci Fi Story Exerpt -- Altered: displaced.exe

Hey Readers, so I'm tackling something big. This has been in the works for years now (literal years) and what was once just a really odd dream about an alien abduction has become a full-fledged Sci Fi novel concept. So I want to share a small piece of it here, sans context, for your unique enjoyment. Cheers!
It could have been three years or three days. In the haze of fear that had latched onto her conscious mind, Clover wouldn’t have been able to tell. The cargo hold that they’d tossed her into was nearly empty, only a few crates stacked in the middle and some long, metal poles suspended in the mesh netting over the ceiling.
After her first hour of choked sobbing in the corner behind the crates, she’d rallied enough to explore the space for any kind of weakness or escape. Finding none, she’d hauled herself up into the netting to find some semblance of comfort to sleep.
The loud, clanging noise is what roused her from the tenuous grasp she had on slumber. Clanging an…

K-Beauty Review: TONYMOLY I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet

Happy Friday, everyone. It's been a rough week at work and the weather in Minnesota is all over the place right now. We just had a serious snowstorm over the weekend and now it's suddenly 40°F. Bizarre. Naturally, all of this took a toll on my skin, so I thought I'd try out another TONYMOLY Mask Sheet.

This one is the I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet - it's supposed to soothe and brighten tired skin. As you can see below, my skin was looking pretty tired. I was pretty tired. 

Ouch. Okay, let's break this bad boy out of the package and get to work! I enjoyed this little bit of luxury while taking a hot bath, so pardon the bare shoulders. It was really odd and kind of embarrassing trying to take a photo of only my face while not dropping the camera into the perilous bubbles waiting below it.

Hmmm, well I imagine this would work a little bit better if the sheet mask fit more securely. As you can see, it's a little big and was incredibly hard to smooth out, so ther…