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Subscription Boxes I Want To Try

I'm a subscription box enthusiast - I've used both Ipsy and Birchbox - and there's no greater feeling in the world than seeing a nicely bundled care package waiting on your doorstep after work! Sadly, I had to cancel all my subscription boxes a while back because finances were too tight to justify them.

With a new job(s) and a new apartment where rent is significantly cheaper, I may be able to indulge one more, but I'm limiting myself to just ONE. The boxes below are the ones I'm most interested in trying - maybe one will strike your fancy too!

Inspire Me Korea

Inspire Me Korea is a Korean Cultural Box that ships worldwide for just $31 a month and features a variety of Korean goods - like skincare products, snack items, and Kpop memorabilia. It's perfect for the Korean enthusiast who is already hooked on K-dramas (like me!) and wants to delve just a bit deeper without buying an expensive plane ticket just yet.

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is the box for you if you want …

So you want to teach yourself Japanese? Part Two

What I love about the Duolingo app is that the first thing you learn when you take Japanese lessons is how to read and pronounce Hiragana - the most basic alphabet in Japanese and one you could conceivably use to write entire sentences in Japanese (excluding foreign-borrowed words that are always in Katakana) if you don't know any Kanji.

There are 46 standard Hiragana characters - and essentially, 46 standard sounds to be found in the Japanese language. We'll discuss modified characters/sounds later.*

The first row of Hiragana characters featured here are the vowels and they're the most important to learn. The good news - there's only five of them.

あ - a (pronounced like ah) い - i (pronounced like ee) う - u (pronounced like ooh) え - e (pronounced like eh) お - o (pronounced like oh)

There are a few Japanese words that are comprised only of vowels, such as お (ah-oh) blue and  え (ee-eh) house. Most, however, are comprised of two or more consonant characters.
The next set of Hi…

Short Skirt, Long Jacket: What Trendy Korean Girls Are Wearing Right Now

Tokyo used to be the fashion capitol of East Asia, but with the rise in popularity of K-dramas and K-pop groups like BTS and BlackPink, South Korea is putting itself on the map in terms of street fashion.

Here are just a few of the trends in Seoul this year for spring and summer fashion. How many of them are you going to incorporate?

Aviator Glasses

In Seoul, the rounded Harry Potter-esque glasses are on the out, and the always timeless aviator style is worming its way back onto the street fashion scene. This style can be seen in sunglasses and regular glasses, and worn by just about anyone, whether they need corrected vision or not. I'm not a huge fan of aviators, because I don't think they suit my face, but this lady is rocking 'em!

Over-sized Cardigan and Jackets

The heroines in all my favorite K-dramas have been rocking the over-sized blazer look since last winter and I doubt this style is going away any time soon. Fabrics will get lighter and the dresses underneath a b…

What I've Been Watching - Netflix Edition

I promise this is going to throw 90% of you for a loop, but for those 10% who get me - you won't be surprised at anything on this list. Without further ado, these are the five most recent Netflix series I've been bingeing.

1. A Korean Odyssey

Quite possibly the 1,000th retelling of the Chinese novel Journey to the West (or Xiyou Ji), A Korean Odyssey follows monkey king Son O-gong's trials as he attempts regain his rightful place in the heavens. On earth and imprisoned, he comes across Samjang - a human chosen by the gods to save the world. At first he wants to eat her, but with the help of a magic bracelet that makes him fall in love with her, the two slowly agree to team up to deal with the supernatural forces threatening to destroy it all.

I love modern retellings that put their own cultural spin on the story, and this did not disappoint! It honestly had everything - from ancient feuds, k-pop stars that are actually monsters, cute zombies, and a tearjerker ending. 9/10 …

The Anti-Parisian: I'm Not a French Girl, So Why Should I Dress Like One?

Bridget Bardot. Clemence Poesy. Marion Cotillard. Jane Birkin.

Aside from being thin, leggy, and perfectly tousled looking - these style icons also have something else in common. They're French. Why the overall beauty and fashion blogger community is so obsessed with looking Parisian - je ne sais quoi.

I saw this trend start popping up about four or five years ago. It started small - an article here or there about the refreshing au naturel style of these twenty-something Parisians. And then it escalated into some weird realm of virtue signaling and... yes, moral shaming.

French girls don't wear contour or highlight.French girls understand the necessity of a classic trench.French girls buy their skincare products at the drug store.French girls would never dream of getting cosmetic surgery.French girls don't try to look sexy - they're aiming for sensual.

All of these prescriptive articles seem to have one message in common: if you're not trying to emulate the French, …