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I'm at a loss here...[TW:Politics]

I've been seeing some jarring and frightening headlines recently. I've been screen-shotting some of them, for posterity.

 Badlands National Park took a stand against the gag order handed down by the Trump Administration and continued to post fact-based pieces of science that have been continuously deleted almost as soon as they're posted. Freedom of Speech is under attack.

The Administration is pro-keeping secrets from the public that could have potentially disastrous effects on them. What is this, 1984?

This one hits the hardest. If this one passes, businesses and corporations will be able to legally discriminate against LGBT+ individuals, single mothers, and unwed heterosexual couples, because it effectively places religious rights over the rights over individuals.

DAPL and Keystone are now a go, thanks to Trump signing them into action, despites months of protesting against them by Native and Veterans alike. It's worth noting that Trump has stock invested in the co…

24k gold face masks and 3 weeks on the job...

Three weeks at my new job down and one paycheck later....I sit at my desk with a splitting migraine and listen to my upstairs neighbor blast her music and scold her new yippy "therapy" dog....

But life could be worse.

At least now the fridge has some food in it and I'm no longer starving, save for the generosity of my work crew and their predilection for buying the office lunch. I have new hair products, so I'm no longer using leftover baby shampoo to scrub my hair clean. I have an extra set of nice pants to wear to work now, so that I don't show up with the same pair of black trousers three times a week. That might have been getting noticeable....

At Target I picked up this cheap face mask from Miss Spa that had 24k gold flecks in it. I don't think I'm that big a fan of having my face look that shimmery, but I'm sure it's a great product to use before a night out on the town. Just not my style.

On Sunday afternoon, we took an hour long bus ride t…

"Lets Talk about Witchcraft" Questionnaire

Learning about others’ practice, assumption free! Get talking, get chatty, these aren’t hard and fast questions, so go where the prompt leads you.
1. Is your craft secular, or does it intersect with religion/spirituality?
~ While I do consider myself a casual pagan (belief in multiple deities, spirits, etc) my craft itself is pretty secular. I don't really attach any religious dogma to it. You won't find an invocations to deity, any kind of Wiccan structure in my spellcasting, and certainly no prayers. Not in my craft anyways....on a daily basis though I have been known to ask certain goddesses for help in reigning in some intense emotions. "Give me the strength to not strangle this racist piece of human filth"....kind of thing.
2. Spell language: do like it simple? Do you dress it up? Is it poetry? Is it silent?
~Most of my spells don't involve much in the way of chanting or verbalizing, unless it's to state an intent or seal an intention. Rhyming and poetry …