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Ominous Skies and Rain Clouds

Good afternoon! How is everyone? I'm doing alright today. I'm currently sitting at my desk eating some soup with scallops and working on an English essay about Nazi propaganda photos. Interesting stuff right?

Them clouds look pretty ominous don't they? Within minutes of uploading these photos, the sky grew tremendously darker and now we're having a torrential downpour. I could only giggle in amusement as half-naked hussies scrambled for the indoors. No lightning or thunder yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Regressing a bit, I have to say that I had a fantastic weekend. I didn't really accomplish much of anything and even though I felt tired and hazy from all the humidity, it was still good. It was relaxing and I had fun. 


My brother gave Chris his old xBox 360 and then Chris bought MW3 so they spent a good chunk of Saturday night playing. I sat around in my brother's room and watched them with a glass of Coke and tequila. That was enjoyab…

One Lovely Blog Award

List seven things about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers.

1. I've been suffering from depression for over 6 years and I've just now started taking antidepressants. I feel better already and I feel as though I can start letting things go and move on.

2. My dream is to live and teach in Japan. After I graduate, my plan is to get a job as an ALT with JET or another government sponsored program and then drag my boyfriend with me.

3. I love raspberry iced tea. I drink it all spring and summer long. Following behind this is iced Matcha Latte.

4. I'm obsessed with Heath Ledger's Joker. v_v *shame....* I even write fan-fiction and collect photos on my computer. He's just a fascinating take on my favorite comic book villain.

5. I have almost all the Puppet Master movies. I'm only missing a few of the newer ones and I'm always on the hunt to find them cheap somewhere. My favorite puppet is Blade, of course!

6. My favorite color to wear is grey, because it'…


Well spooky peoples, my spring break is drawing nearer to an end. Unfortunately, I spent most of this week being rather sick and dealing with side effects from my new pills. Add on to that some crap weather and we've got one rather unhappy me.

I went to the doctor on Monday to talk about my depression issues. I was lucky enough to get a doctor who is well-versed in mood disorders and takes treatment seriously. So we talked a little bit about my symptoms and medical history. He ended up prescribing my a medication called Celexa, which is a generic version of Prozac. It's supposed to take a minimum of two weeks to take full effect, so until then I just have to ride out the nasty side effects. Which have included thus far: headaches, insomnia, and nausea. Oh yeah, they also make me a bit drowsy and dizzy.

I just keep telling myself that this is going to help and to stick with it. I'm tempted to just chuck the whole bottle of pills into the garbage at this point though. I want…

Spring Break!

Hello ladies and gents!~ It's officially spring break now and I'm back home in Buffalo with my family, which means I'm feeling much much happier about life in general. So happy, in fact, that I went ahead and dressed up. I haven't worn these dreadfalls in.....years I guess, and I decided it was time to dust them off and give them a go before I sell them. I'm simply not a fan of the color combination anymore so I might be in the market for dreads of a different hue...

So...if anyone's interested in buying them off me, I'll probably sell them around $30-40 w/o shipping. I paid at least $100 for them new and they haven't gotten much use, so more than half off is quite deal no? Let me know!