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TGIF (Halloween Readiness)

First off, I'm SO GLAD IT'S FRIDAY! I have one more class at 1 pm in which I take a test (don't worry, I'm studying for it!) and then I'm prepared to high-tail it out of here as soon as Chris gets off work. ^_^ To amuse you, my silent but wonderful readers, I'll share some photos of my meager dorm room Halloween decor. Yeah, that's my new toaster oven. I love it! As you can see, I didn't put up too much. Perhaps next year when I accumulate more decor of my own it'll look spookier. Still, the little touches here and there add some festive glee to the season.  I also have something much coveted by many Halloween cereal lovers and no, it's not one of the seasonal Count Chocula variations.  It really does turn milk green! It's so awesome and tastes mostly like regular Cap'n Crunch. As I'm bleaching my hair out tomorrow and prepping to dye it purple, I figured I would take one last photo of my current hair color (which has mo

Goth or Not Quizzes

I should really be studying for my exam tomorrow, but I'm having way too much fun with these silly Goth quizzes over on Quizilla. It's amazing how many hours one can waste on stuff like this hmm? 1) Your Result You love elegance. And elegance, to you, is dark, beautiful clothing, music, and lifestyles. Heaven to you is the night, with only a candle to light your way. You love beautiful, complex dresses or shirts that are expensive, but well worth it. You are dark elegance in every manner. You hold your chin up high, and sneer at those stupid punk and rocker-goths, who imitate the styles they last saw Marilyn Manson wearing. You are better than them. Beauty is your bible, elegance your religion. And you remember that, always. I'd like to state right now though that I have nothing against punks and other rocker types. I'm quite fond of some of Manson's tunes and looks as well. It's just...not really my style. ^_^ Though I do love me some Sex Pistols every now

Why I Hate Group Projects

It is always with supreme dread when I find myself cast into a group for a specific class project or presentation. It never matters for which class or who is ultimately stuck in my group, I know that it's going to be a disaster. Because group projects bring out the worst in everyone. You have those who will take charge and simply assign everyone a task. You have those who kind of slink into the background and do nothing. And then you have people like me, who are willing to pull their own weight but also want a say in what goes on. I've gotten stuck in a few groups so far this semester. In the first one where a presentation was required, it was me and a bunch other girls. One of whom is intelligent, the rest of which are complete idiot slackers. Because of that, the presentation was rather lackluster, the speeches given were disjointed and filled with verbal garbage (ums, ahs, hmms) and nobody really seemed to care. This current group project I'm stuck in is the worst of

Fall Break Conclusion

My beloved and short lived Fall Break is over. It was a delightful four days though. I hardly thought about college once, only pondering to think about providing my services as a writer to conjure up a script for my group project infomercial. Which is a duty I have taken on wholeheartedly, but as my group tends to be full of slackers who don't feel like participating much (or even showing up to class) this could prove to be troublesome. But enough of that drama. Fall Break provided me with a great opportunity to sleep in, eat Mom's home-cooked meals, and work on some sewing projects. One of which, I'm ecstatic to inform you, I finally finished. Well before I started college, and indeed before this blog came about probably, I started working on a black jumper-skirt. I needed a simple Gothic Lolita dress for pairing up in basic coordinates. So I got some black fabric from Walmart (yes, you read that correctly) and set to work, operating without a pattern. For something

Fashion Day 5

Very cold and very windy today. Halloween t-shirt, pinstriped shorts, thigh high stockings, boots, and my black pea coat.

Fashion Day 4

Outfit Rundown: ~Dress - Bodyline~ ~Stockings - Target~ ~Shoes and Hat - thrifted~ ~Underskirt - handmade~

Fashion Day 3 + Lost and Found

Like I keep saying, my dorm is the worst spot for photos. Not mention it was cold, gloomy, and raining today - so not much in the way of natural light. Still, I did the best I could. It was exam day! And group presentation day! So I dressed up in very very casual Lolita.  Don't I look cheerful? I have to go out in the rain in this lovely getup.  By the way, can you guess which bed is mine. ^_~ I didn't have anything with which to secure my giant hair bow to my head, and sadly I really wish I had. I instead pinned it to my bag and somewhere between my dorm hall and my classroom it fell off. Luckily, one of my classmates found it and returned it to me later. I'm glad, I don't know what I would have done if it couldn't be located....cry some more maybe. Oh look, it's a school spirit badge! Don't ask... I love the print on this Bodyline dress. So glad Chris bought it for me! I wore these sexy lacy tights with my biker boots, but the skirt kept gettin

Fashion Day 2

Outfit Rundown: ~Dress - Punk Rave~ ~Cardigan - thrifted~ ~Tights - dollar store~ ~Boots - Walmart ( more than 5 years ago)~ ~Necklace - Ebay~

Fashion Day 1

As I mentioned in my last post, this week I'm going to dress up "ooky-spooky" every day of the week. This outfit is me easing slowly back in. I pulled out the stripes since I was feeling a little bit like Beetlejuice when I woke up this morning (dead) and then pulled the rest together in a Lydia Deetz schoolgirl ensemble. Halfway through the day I switched the black skirt out for jeans, but on the whole it was successful. I swear to the gods that my dorm room is the worst place to take photos. And damn, I look fat in some of these. =/ I just find it kind of funny since I weigh less than 120 lbs. Heh. We'll blame the stripes!!  Yes, it's simple. I was aiming for comfort here. It's Monday and I have a lot of classes today. Not to mention it's raining now.... In other news, if you couldn't tell from the photos, I dyed my hair! It's quite a bit darker than I expected it to be, but that could definitely be caused by leaving it in 15 minut

Autumn Leaves

While I was out and about today running my many errands on my "no class" day I stopped at a few places around campus and took some photos of the leaves. Since it's been so hot and dry here, windy too, a lot of the trees have been emptied of their delightful colors. However, I managed to snap a few...