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2017 Holiday Gift Ideas for The Dudes

Don't let the title fool you, there are gonna be plenty of viable gift ideas here for the less-than-feminine folks in your world, but it's pretty notoriously agreed upon: Dudes are hard to shop for. Sure, we could go the easy route and settle for the same ol' slippers, tech gadgets, booze paraphernalia, and sports tix like we do every year but doesn't that feel kind of...impersonal? Almost like we're foisting the tropes of masculinity upon our dude folk without really taking into consideration who they are beyond that masculinity?

Well enough is enough! So without further adieu:

2017's Holiday Gift Ideas for The Dudes
The Gamer | The Nerd | The Sports Fan | The Musician | The Sensitive Soul | The Metal/Goth/Punk | The Hipster | The Dad | The Drunk Uncle | The Teen | The IT Guy | Everyone Else

The Gamer
Here's the thing about gamers - they really, really like games. So instead of buying them some cutesy game or console inspired coffee mug or wall art - why not…

OOTD: Last Rays of Autumn + Food Stuff

So I had a very quiet day in with the boy and made a simple but Thanksgiving-inspired dinner. There weren't many happenings with either of our families this year so we elected to stay home and just chill out.

We were both, admittedly, pretty hungover anyways. *shrugs*

Outfit: Army Jacket - George (thrifted) Striped Dress - Old Navy Suede Boots - Carlos (thrifted) Guitar Earrings - thrifted