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3 Days of Style: outfit snaps

Outfit #1 Dress - Thrifted Blouse- thrifted Leggings - DEB Boots - Walmart (circa 2006) Necklace - Target Outfit #2 Blouse - thrifted Shorts - Wetseal Skirt - DEB Tights - Savers Flats - Walmart Scarf - Target Outfit #3 Cardigan - Target Tank - Walmart Leggings- DEB Boots - Walmart Jewelry - vintage I finally lugged my tripod up here so I can take decent photos. Woot! The next round will be much nicer looking!

Movie Review: APT

Se-jin, a lonely department store employee, moves into a high-rise apartment building. One day she notices that the lights in the windows of the building opposite all start to mysteriously flicker at exactly 9:56pm. She begins to suspect that these occurrences are somehow linked to a series of suspicious deaths in the neighborhood. APT is your standard Korean horror film - a good mix of suspense, plot intrigue, and supernatural jump-scares, topped off with a helluva lot of confusion. It seems that only Koreans really understand Korean films, then again, maybe it's just me.  Anyways, it jumps right in with Se-jin and her rather lonely lifestyle. She speaks to her fellow employees when needed and otherwise goes home and spends her time by herself. One night she's followed into the subway station by a woman in a red dress. This woman stands next to Se-jin on the platform and asks her "Aren't you lonely?" This woman in red then proceeds to leap in front

My Current Ear Candy

This is just a sample of the wide mix of stuff I've been listening to lately. Every day seems to bring with it a radically different mood, so radically different tunes are a necessity. Like any of 'em? Black Lab Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 4minute Imogen Heap Fall Out Boy Selena Gomez Hanna Pakarinen Halestorm