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The 2019 Spring Trends I'm Most Excited About

The 2019 Spring Trends are shaping up to be a weird hodgepodge of styles, and while that might look kind of strange on the runway, it's good news for us lowly consumers. With so many differing styles gearing up to become trendy the moment the snow melts, it means there's a little something for everyone who wants to jump on a fashion bandwagon.

Here are the ones I'm most excited about:

Bermuda Shorts

Yes, give me some length! Bermuda style shorts that are a bit roomier and more reminiscent of a safari short are perfect for spring and summer. Not only are they comfortable, but they pair well with cropped tops and make your legs look miles long.

Animal Print

Hanging on from the previous season, animal prints like leopard and snake skin will be worn aplenty in the coming season. I, for one, am glad I don't have to put away all my leopard blouses this spring!

Ruffles and Frills

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than a chance to pay homage to my Gothic Lolita days. …

One Item Three Ways: Leopard Trench Edition

Sometimes, I think Ellen and I might be cut from the same cloth - the same faux fur leopard cloth, that is! Sarcasm In Heels posted her favorite ways to wear a leopard coat a while back and since I also own one, I thought I'd do my take on three fun ways to wear this item: winter/spring edition!

1. With pastels or floral:

I've always been a sap for mixing prints and leopard is no exception. The bold feline print plays nicely with these pastel pink stripes. A neutral bag and black shoes keep the focus right where you want it.

2. With a work dress:

Who says leopard print can't go to work with you? As Ellen so nicely demonstrated with her turtleneck/pencil skirt combo, a printed trench also looks fabulous with a neutral work dress, like this navy blue one.

3. With a 'splash' of color:

A cream tank and khaki shorts keep the outfit otherwise neutral, but the pop of color with the jewelry, shoes and bag liven the whole thing up!


What do you think of these …

What to Wear to an Interview: Creative Edition

Let me preface: It's been a while since I've been to a job interview and the last time I interviewed it was for an Admin Assistant position. How you dress for a formal office role can easily differ from how you might dress for a more creative role - like digital marketing or social media management.

On Friday, I have an interview in downtown St Paul for an entry-level 'marketing communications' job and I'm . . . for lack of a better word - scrambling.

I don't own a pair of simple black trousers or a dress suit. My one black blazer (as you will see) is a little finicky and hard to coordinate. And I do not have a single pair of weather appropriate shoes that would not look horrendously out of place in a corporate environment.

(With regards to weather appropriateness - we just got another 8 inches of snow today. Ewww.)

So, I decided to scour my wardrobe to see what I could put together that would not only be interview appropriate but also fit the role of a creative…

Wardrobe Essentials for the Working Class Minnesota Girl

Minnesota is one of those states that experiences the extremes of each climate - sweltering summers, wet and muddy springs, frigid winters, and crisp autumns. So those of us working and living in Minnesota have learned the fine art of balancing a work appropriate wardrobe that also takes into consideration the weather.

This post contains affiliate links - if you make a purchase using one of the links, I make a small commission at no extra charge to you**

Your Winter Work Look:

My recommendation is to layer up - but to keep your outfit from looking bulky, pair slim fitting pants and a fitted button-down with an oversized and cozy sweater. If your office tends to hover around 40° like mine does, keep a cute scarf handy as well.

Unless you have a car or take a bus that drops you at the door of your workplace, you will likely have to clomp through a bit of snow - a warm pair of winter boots in a neutral color like black or brown are life savers!

You Will Need:

Slim Black TrousersA Button D…

Menhera and Yami Kawaii - So Cute I Could Die

Unless you're an avid follower of the more obscure fashion trends to creep out of Harajuku in the last two decades, you probably haven't heard of the fashion subculture movements that are challenging Japan's silent mental illness epidemic and suicide problem.

*Content Warning: Mentions of mental illness, self-harm, suicide, and other potentially triggering ideas. Read at your own risk.

Enter Menhera and Yami Kawaii.

According to the tumblr account fymenhera, menhera (ใƒกใƒณใƒ˜ใƒฉ) is a Japanese slang term derived from the English 'mental health' and sparked a whole underground fashion subculture often referred to as yami kawaii (็—…ใฟใ‹ใ‚ใ„ใ„) or "sick cute".

Refinery29 did a piece on this a while back, which you can find here or simply watch the video below:

Japan (and other parts of Asia) have long carried an intense and negative stigma towards mental illness. Those suffering from mental illness or other mental health problems had very little in the way of resources or…

*Blogstice* - Winter Outfit Ideas

It's cold in MN - here's how to stay really warm and cozy!

1.) Striped Sweater | Velvet Leggings | Ankle Boots | Studded Wallet

2.) Moto Jacket | Beige Tunic Sweater | Black Leggings | OTK Boots

3.) Grey Sweater Dress | Silver Boots | Black Corset Belt

4.)  Blue Jeans | Striped T-shirt | Leopard Cardigan | Snow Boots | Tan Bag

Add your accessories of choice (I'm not a big fan of jewelry!) and you have a fun, casual, and most importantly cozy winter outfit! 

*I compiled these looks using the site ShopLook - this is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links present.*

My Favorite Coats for the Autumn Season

I live in the Northern Hemisphere. Specifically in the Upper Midwest of the United States. By November, it's usually cold enough to snow and often does. But there are still some balmy days and peeks of sunshine here and there, so having a variety of seasonally appropriate coats on hand is incredibly important.

Here are my favorites this year:

I thrifted this fabulous leopard trench a few years ago at a local Goodwill and it's remained one of my favorites ever since. It's on the lighter side, so not a great option for cooler days but when it's +40°or I'm layered up it becomes the one I reach for.

Animal prints are incredibly trendy this year, which is lucky for me since I have so much leopard print already on hand. I love when I don't have to go out and buy something new for a trend I genuinely enjoy.

The only downside to this jacket - no pockets.

I really think everyone should have a good, all-purpose utility jacket. This is the jacket or coat that can take you…

OOTD: Lime Green Popsicle

So I got a hair cut! These photos were actually taken the morning before that happened and looking back, I can see how frizzy and nasty those split ends were. Here's the issue though - I'm not in love with the cut I have. Sure, the split ends are gone and it looks sleeker, but I'm just not *happy* with it.

I went into Fantastic Sams after work on Friday and maybe it's because they were closing up shortly after my scheduled cut, but I felt like my hair stylist was rushing a bit - she barely even wet the back of my hair to trim it let alone the front. I wanted a sharp line - shorter in the back and longer layers in front - an angled lob if you will. 

Is that what I got? Nope!

I got home and the boy was like "Did they even cut your hair?"

And here's the thing: I'm a very non-confrontational person in real life. On the internet, I fire back at all the trolls, no holds barred. In person, I tend to be reserved. And let's face it, it's almost imposs…

BIRCHBOX July 2018 Unboxing + Review

When the concept of beauty subscriptions first crossed into my awareness, I was honestly torn between Birchbox and Ipsy - there were pros and cons for both. At the time, I was looking to beef up my makeup stash so I initially settled on Ipsy and that was a good run while it lasted (I'll be getting my last bag with them in August) but then they had their anti-trans snafu during Pride Month and I couldn't, in good conscience, stick with 'em.

So a couple of coworkers tell me how much they like Birchbox and that I should give it a go if I'm more into hair and skincare products these days. Which I am. So here we are:

The contents of my July Box include: Oribe Aprรจs Beach Wave and Shine SprayM·A·C Cosmetics Strobe CreamARROW REVITALIZE Undereye Brightening SerumVasanti® Makeup Magnet WipesEyeko Brow Liner

Oribe is one of those brands that is both beloved by hair stylists and too expensive to justify, especially since I rarely do any styling to my hair. However, I'…

Weekly Food For Thought: On Being Nonbinary, Networking Fears, and Defying French Beauty Standards

Like most women, I struggled with body image. Then I realized I wasn't a woman.  This article over on The Tempest really spoke to me. I too struggle with a disconnect from my own body, but being able to identify my inner-gender helped me to either make peace with the body I have or start making plans to change the things that truly cause me distress. Like having breasts. 

How to Get Over Your Fear of Networking - this recent post from The Everygirl reminds us that we all find networking kind of scary, but it can be especially overwhelming for us introverts. The tips provided here are great for breaking it down in much more easily digestible (and less frightening) tactics.

Remember Skrillex? This greasy-haired hipster kid brought dubstep and other forms of EDM to mainstream attention and now he's back with a new soundtrack aimed at making your next workout even more intense. I still like Deadmau5 but I'm not sure if I want to give Skrillex 2.0 a go or not.

Jelly Nails are the …

Capsule Library Challenge

If you had to create a time capsule in which you could only place 10 items of clothing and 10 authors or notable books - what would you choose? Even trickier if the clothing item has to correspond to your favorite book or author....

I was tagged for this challenge by Ellen of Sarcasm in Heels (quite a while ago, now!), so how can I pass up this fun opportunity? Let's do this:

1. Bram Stoker's Dracula / Crimson Duster Cardigan

2. Paul Doherty with the Amerotke Series / Egyptian Print Linen Shirt

3. Chris Wooding / Brown Velvet Maxi Skirt

4.Skulduggery Pleasant / Black Brimmed Hat

5. Anna Dressed in Blood / Red Cold Shoulder Dress

6. Ann Rice / Cream Front-Tie Blouse

7. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo / Black Jeans

8. Memoirs of a Geisha / Kimono

9. Edgar Allen Poe / Raven Pin-up Dress

10. Neil Gaiman with Good Omens / Olive Green Combat Boots

What would you place in your literary time capsule? Let me know in the comments below!