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I Made a Kimono-Inspired Face Mask

Let's face it, we're probably all going to be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future. And even if the coronavirus goes away one day or we get it under control globally, it never hurts to whip out a mask next time we have the sniffles and want to be considerate of our fellow humans.  No one said those face masks had to be garish surgical looking garments - enter the fashionable face mask. I picked up several cute ones from Target once it felt safe to venture out in small increments, but I quickly developed a preference for a certain fit and style - the pleated style works well enough, but I wanted something more contoured to my face. I needed something that would charitably hug my large Polish nose - and to be honest, Target wasn't selling many of those fitted styles in fun colors or patterns. So I made my own! There are a lot of face mask instructions and patterns out there: I highly recommend this one and this one . I took a different approach, because I'm diff

Black-Owned Gothic and Punk Fashion Brands to Support Today

On June 1st, calls for a boycott against Dolls Kill went out after the owner of the company allegedly posted in support of the police after the murder of George Floyd. It isn't the first time they've been accused of racism , so folks have put together a list of alternative brands to support. I would much rather give my business to Black-owned fashion brands and those that are anti-racist. If you are of the same mind as I am, here are a few brands worth supporting: Punk Clothing/Alternative Sinister Sisters Sinister Sisters only have three items on their Etsy shop right now and none of those sexy crop t-shirts would look out of place at a death metal gig. Make sure to stop back in regularly to check for new items, I know that I definitely will be! Nasty Gem Independently owned, every item in this shop is hand-made, processed, packaged and shipped by the owner. Spiky bags and collars, deadly earrings, and chunky steel accessories are the mainstay motifs of N

Work Appropriate Costumes for Halloween

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to wear a Halloween costume to work, but if you're employed in an office with a creative culture or laidback bosses you might be able to get away with something both modest and spooky OR mature but cute. πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸ¦‡πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ Elevated Elvira A simple black dress, a wicked winged liner, and a bold red lip bring this understated Goth Queen look into the office without raising too many eyebrows. On Wednesday's We Wear Black A black dress with a white collar and some braids - you really can't go wrong with Wednesday Addams. You can easily recreate this look with a white button down worn under a simple shift dress. A Spoonful of Sugar You likely already have the collared white blouse and black midi skirt to comprise this easy Mary Poppins look. A trip to the local thrift store will help you procure a cute red bow and a black hat -- but don't forget a frilly parasol and oversized bag! Twiggy

Short Skirt, Long Jacket: What Trendy Korean Girls Are Wearing Right Now

Tokyo used to be the fashion capitol of East Asia, but with the rise in popularity of K-dramas and K-pop groups like BTS and BlackPink, South Korea is putting itself on the map in terms of street fashion. Here are just a few of the trends in Seoul this year for spring and summer fashion. How many of them are you going to incorporate? Aviator Glasses In Seoul, the rounded Harry Potter-esque glasses are on the out, and the always timeless aviator style is worming its way back onto the street fashion scene. This style can be seen in sunglasses and regular glasses, and worn by just about anyone, whether they need corrected vision or not. I'm not a huge fan of aviators, because I don't think they suit my face, but this lady is rocking 'em! Over-sized Cardigan and Jackets The heroines in all my favorite K-dramas have been rocking the over-sized blazer look since last winter and I doubt this style is going away any time soon. Fabrics will get lighter and the

I didn't shave my legs for all of April - and the world didn't end.

The sun is shining, temperatures are steadily creeping past 50 degrees each day, and there are (finally) no more snowstorms in the foreseeable forecast - spring has arrived in Minnesota. For real this time. And with spring comes a whole slew of lifestyle and beauty articles about how to get your legs ready for spring and summer dresses. From dry brushing, shower exfoliation, body oils, and even self-tanning recommendations, there's no shortage in advice on how to make sure your legs are gleaming like the sun. I'm a contrarian (n.) - so naturally I've decided to shuck all of that advice. I didn't shave my legs for the entirety of April. Nope. Not once. And the world did not, in fact, end. From top to bottom: Outfit #1 - leopard blouse, black jeans, ankle boots Outfit #2 - cream moto jacket, tie-front t-shirt, striped cropped pant, cheetah flats Outfit #3 - grey damask turtleneck, chambray dress, black leggings, velvet combat boots Outfit #4 - mustard yello

The 2019 Spring Trends I'm Most Excited About

The 2019 Spring Trends are shaping up to be a weird hodgepodge of styles, and while that might look kind of strange on the runway, it's good news for us lowly consumers. With so many differing styles gearing up to become trendy the moment the snow melts, it means there's a little something for everyone who wants to jump on a fashion bandwagon. Here are the ones I'm most excited about: Bermuda Shorts Yes, give me some length! Bermuda style shorts that are a bit roomier and more reminiscent of a safari short are perfect for spring and summer. Not only are they comfortable, but they pair well with cropped tops and make your legs look miles long. Animal Print Hanging on from the previous season, animal prints like leopard and snake skin will be worn aplenty in the coming season. I, for one, am glad I don't have to put away all my leopard blouses this spring! Ruffles and Frills There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than a chance to pay homage to my

One Item Three Ways: Leopard Trench Edition

Sometimes, I think Ellen and I might be cut from the same cloth - the same faux fur leopard cloth, that is! Sarcasm In Heels  posted her favorite ways to wear a leopard coat a while back and since I also own one, I thought I'd do my take on three fun ways to wear this item: winter/spring edition! 1. With pastels or floral: I've always been a sap for mixing prints and leopard is no exception. The bold feline print plays nicely with these pastel pink stripes. A neutral bag and black shoes keep the focus right where you want it. 2. With a work dress: Who says leopard print can't go to work with you? As Ellen so nicely demonstrated with her turtleneck/pencil skirt combo , a printed trench also looks fabulous with a neutral work dress, like this navy blue one. 3. With a 'splash' of color: A cream tank and khaki shorts keep the outfit otherwise neutral, but the pop of color with the jewelry, shoes and bag liven the whole thing up! 😸😸

What to Wear to an Interview: Creative Edition

Let me preface: It's been a while since I've been to a job interview and the last time I interviewed it was for an Admin Assistant position. How you dress for a formal office role can easily differ from how you might dress for a more creative role - like digital marketing or social media management. On Friday, I have an interview in downtown St Paul for an entry-level 'marketing communications' job and I'm . . . for lack of a better word - scrambling. I don't own a pair of simple black trousers or a dress suit. My one black blazer (as you will see) is a little finicky and hard to coordinate. And I do not have a single pair of weather appropriate shoes that would not look horrendously out of place in a corporate environment. (With regards to weather appropriateness - we just got another 8 inches of snow today. Ewww.) So, I decided to scour my wardrobe to see what I could put together that would not only be interview appropriate but also fit the role o

Wardrobe Essentials for the Working Class Minnesota Girl

Minnesota is one of those states that experiences the extremes of each climate - sweltering summers, wet and muddy springs, frigid winters, and crisp autumns. So those of us working and living in Minnesota have learned the fine art of balancing a work appropriate wardrobe that also takes into consideration the weather. This post contains affiliate links - if you make a purchase using one of the links, I make a small commission at no extra charge to you** Your Winter Work Look: My recommendation is to layer up - but to keep your outfit from looking bulky, pair slim fitting pants and a fitted button-down with an oversized and cozy sweater. If your office tends to hover around 40° like mine does, keep a cute scarf handy as well. Unless you have a car or take a bus that drops you at the door of your workplace, you will likely have to clomp through a bit of snow - a warm pair of winter boots in a neutral color like black or brown are life savers! You Will Need: Slim