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Wardrobe Essentials for the Working Class Minnesota Girl

Minnesota is one of those states that experiences the extremes of each climate - sweltering summers, wet and muddy springs, frigid winters, and crisp autumns. So those of us working and living in Minnesota have learned the fine art of balancing a work appropriate wardrobe that also takes into consideration the weather.

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Your Winter Work Look:

My recommendation is to layer up - but to keep your outfit from looking bulky, pair slim fitting pants and a fitted button-down with an oversized and cozy sweater. If your office tends to hover around 40° like mine does, keep a cute scarf handy as well.

Unless you have a car or take a bus that drops you at the door of your workplace, you will likely have to clomp through a bit of snow - a warm pair of winter boots in a neutral color like black or brown are life savers!

You Will Need:

  • Slim Black Trousers
  • A Button Down Shirt (white preferred)
  • Large, Cozy Cardigan
  • A Warm, Patterned Scarf
  • Lined (Calf-Length) Winter Boots

The best part about an outfit like this is that you can play with color and texture by swapping in a bright or fuzzy cardigan OR wearing a wildly printed scarf - still office appropriate with a little personality.

Your Spring Work Look:

In Minnesota, spring technically starts in late April or early May - when the snow finally melts and it no longer reaches freezing at night - and now is the time to break out the cute skirts. I like to pair a midi or pencil skirt with a jewel-toned silk or satin top. Keep it fresh and polished with a nude kitten heel, a gold necklace, and a tote bag for stashing that extra cardigan in case it gets chilly during the day!

You Will Need:

  • A Black Midi or Pencil Skirt
  • Jewel-toned Silk or Satin Blouse
  • Nude Heel
  • Gold Chain Necklace or Earrings
  • Large Tote Bag

Since silk and satin are great for insulating, blouses like this also work great in the winter layered under a sweater or cardigan. A midi skirt can also be made winter appropriate with a cute pair of tights or boots. 

Your Boss B*tch Look:

When the average office lady in your company strolls in wearing an ill-fitting pantsuit from the early 90's, you should be strutting your stuff to the department head meeting in a smart sheath dress and a structured blazer. You can't go wrong with basic black, but a cream colored dress will save you when it's 95° and humid.

You don't see a lot of high heels at the office in these parts, so keep it simple with a low heel or a cute flat shoe. To break up an otherwise monochromatic look, I enjoy printed flats - like these cheetah loafers! 

You Will Need:

  • A Well-Fitting Sheath Dress
  • Structured Black or Neutral Blazer
  • Low Heeled Shoes or Loafers
  • A Go-Getter Attitude

A patterned blazer, like the tweed one I'm wearing today, also looks fab with a button down and pencil skirt. I've got mine over a crisp white t-shirt and blue jeans for a casual Friday look. 

What does your average work outfit consist of? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I work from home, so don't get the chance to rock the suits and tailored dresses unfortunately. Although I love working from my leggings and dressing gowns some day, I do wish I could dress up occasionally!

    I love that pink dress and checkered fitted blazer a lot!


    1. Dressing up a is definitely fun - I'd probably do it even if I worked from home. :)

  2. I work from home so I largely living in leggings, but I love a good sheath dress when I am heading out to a meeting with a client. Such an easy way to look so sharp!
    Britt |

  3. Some great looks - be perfect here in Switzerland!

    1. Oh yeah, I imagine - our climates are a bit similar, aren't they?

  4. Our spring starts at around the same time of year actually. Every once in a while it gets warmer earlier, but it's not uncommon to see snow in April.

    These are such great looks for the office. A sheath dress and a blazer is definitely a great alternative to a suit.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  5. I work in a fairly smart casual office so it's not often I need to wear a suit. These are some great looks though and I could definitely feel comfortable wearing the first one to my office.


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