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Goth Challenge Week 12

Predict the new Goth trend!

With all the rantings and ravings going on over Nu-Goth and Pastel Goth, I think it's safe to say that they've become trends in their own right. So....what's next on the list? Surely it must be something over the top and so utterly Goth that no one else would do it.....

How about wearing wings? No, think about it. I'm not talking sparkly fairy wings that you only bust out for the annual Ren Fest, I'm talking wings that accessorize your outfit!

And there are a TON of styles to choose from - you could wear crow wings, bat wings, angel wings, dark fairy wings, mechanical name it. And they don't necessarily have to be strapped onto your back either - what about wings on shoes or on headbands?

Let's keep in mind that this whole post is pretty tongue-in-cheek. I have no clue what people are going to want to wear in the future, but I have to admit...I do like the idea of wings. What do you think?

Easy Iced Coffee

I am a coffee addict and I have no shame. I drink coffee in so many ways - from straight black to loaded up with milk and chocolate syrup. Here's my take on a simple iced coffee that's great for cooling off on hot summer days. I suppose this is all wishful thinking on my part, since it's STILL snowing here!

Easy Iced Coffee
† Brew 10 cups of coffee, your choice of roast
† Let cool
† Pour coffee into 2-qrt pitcher 
† Add 8-10 spoonfuls of sugar (to taste)
† Add 1/4 cup of favorite creamer *(optional)
† Stir in 1.5 to 2 cups of milk*
† Put in fridge and allow to cool. Serve with ice. 
(* Substitutes include non-dairy creamer; almond or soy milk)


Self-explanatory. Watch the video!

Sp00ky Fitness

Spring ( and shortly summer ) is just around the corner and like lots of other people, I find myself becoming more and more conscious of just how unfit I currently am. Oh, I'm thin enough, that's not the issue. I'm a frail little flower who can barely lift 50 lbs. This, is unacceptable.

So I've taken to some simple workout routines that can be done from my own bedroom and a new set of yoga poses. But....what do I wear!?

I don't own workout clothes. Not really. I mean, I have a pair of black sneakers but that's really just for show. So in my quest to find something cute and still really comfortable to wear in my fitness endeavors, I've found some things the rest of you might like too:


A godsend in the fitness world, there are plenty of options for us weirdos too. There are a ton of cute patterns and designs to choose from, just make sure they're made from a breathable fabric like cotton and have a lot of stretch to them.

Tank Tops:

Whether you constr…

Goth Challenge Week 11

Parasols: Vital or Frivolous?

There is no one definitive answer as to whether a parasol is an important accessory or simply there for aesthetic value. It depends highly on the individual and their perceived need or use of one. 

If you're of the pale-skinned variety (like me) and you live in a sunny climate where you tend to burn easily and overheat often (again, like me) then a parasol can be a life saving device. Not only does it shield you from direct sunlight, thus keeping your complexion ghostly white, but it also serves as a small spot of cooling shade wherever you are. 

In some fashions, like Lolita or Victorian, a parasol seems to be a handy accessory. Sometimes it completes the outfit and sometimes it can also serve for the functions above. Walking through a sunny summer garden under a parasol can transport you back in time, to an era where elegance and grace reigned supreme. And even if they didn't, you can still pretend. 

Parasols are still widely used in Japan. You can …

Goth Challenge Week 10

Why I Don't Wear Goth All The Time:

Certainly, I'm not the first one to postulate this, but Goth fashion isn't always practical. Would I love to wear Victorian bustle skirts and frilly blouses on a daily basis? Sure! But that just doesn't work for me in my day-to-day routines. And sometimes....I just don't want to wear black.

I actually like color. I don't mind keeping up with the occasional fashion trends. And sometimes I just want to wear a swishy pink dress. 

Goth IS a big part of my existence. I wouldn't feel whole without it. But I am more than just Goth - I am so many things. I'm a romantic girl who likes flowy dresses and rain showers. I'm that chic thing with heeled boots and skinny jeans. I'm that casual summer bum in cut-off shorts and a peasant blouse. 

It seems though, that no matter what I'm wearing there is always something kind of dark or eerie about it. Why outfit could be all white but there'd probably some tattered lace and…