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Who Am I?

Hello Dear Reader,

I'm not sure how you stumbled onto this blog, but I'm thankful for it nonetheless. I'm Michaela - a glorified file clerk at an expanding interpreting agency by day and a maniac, coffee-addicted blogger by night. Most of what you're going to find here is a little different from your standard beauty blogger though....

A couple of things about me. I'm thrift-obsessed, so if we're talking about new fall trends and whatnot, I likely won't be pointing you in the direction on which big clothing outlet is selling those trends. Chances are, I'm gonna show you how to go and thrift for those trends - Goodwill is your friend. Sort of.

I'm a practicing witch and kind of an oddball that way, but you won't find any nasty cultural appropriation on my blog. I won't be advocating the use of mass-produced or store bought dream catchers and yes, smudging IS a Native American ritual and I would kindly prefer you to call it smoke cleansing or "recanning" (pronounced reeken-ing). If you use the g-slur in the comment section, be fully prepare to have your comment deleted. Just laying it out here, folks.

I advocate for healthy lifestyles, but I fully understand that we can't all reach the same standard - whether due to disability, mental illness, financial means, etc. You will never be shamed on this blog if smoothie bowls and avocado toast are out of the equation for you. If you enjoy those things - more power to you! I love seeing your photos of all that awesome food.

Also, I'm a hardcore introvert. Besides work, I don't get out much and I LOVE to curl up on the couch with a good book and good beer. Yeah, beer. No sparkling wine for this blogger. I identify somewhere in the INFP and INTJ range (fluctuation happens, you know?), so while I'm definitely an idealist at heart, outwardly I'm very analytical and logical. This will probably come out in my writing style. Ye be warned.

To summarize: I'm a real person and I won't pretend to be any kind of perfect or idealized. My hair isn't always perfectly blown out (I didn't even brush it this morning!) and I don't often wear makeup or take OOTD snaps. I'm just hear to help you feel confident and secure in being the best version of your very real self as well. Enjoy!


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