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*My God, It's Full of Stars* - Tracy K. Smith

Curatti Never let it be said that I do not possess a bizarre talent for quiet but sudden upward mobility. Hey, context is fun, right? My company is expanding, slowly but surely. It has been since summer - when we finally jumped ship in St Paul to move a few miles north to a much nicer (and more corporate-cozy) office space in the 'burbs. With that expansion comes new procedures and new ways of doing things. And sometimes, as in my case, it means finally doing something that had never been done before. I'm gonna be real - my company's presence on social media is...nonexistent, to put it nicely. Our sole Facebook page hasn't been touched in three years and features a nasty 1 Star review at the top of the page. NOT. A. GOOD. LOOK. And with our former Customer Care Manager now in charge of our entire Administration Department, she's shaking things up, bringing a fresher and younger approach to how we run things, and desperately trying to implement some mor

Self-Care While Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

When we think of self-care, we probably picture statue-esque white girls (who likely exist in an upper middle-class tax bracket) that treat themselves to spa days, a glass of red wine on Friday night, and brunch with their best girlfriends...who all look eerily similar to one another. The might talk about the healing power of crystal grids (which are pretty and calming to look at, no doubt!) or the benefits of a morning yoga routine (who gets up at 5 am to work out, for real?) and often have the most beautiful Instagram snaps of their very healthy smoothie bowl.  #selfcare , they say.  And that's all well and good, but the over-saturation of this type of self-care in the media and online makes it seem as if it's the only kind of self-care that matters. And if you can't attain this model-worthy status of calm and collected, you're obviously doing it wrong.   What if you're a person of color working 16 hours a week at a fast food joint while jug

Piece of Fiction: Behind the Bar

Writing is in my blood. It always has been. I've been writing silly stories since I was a small, quirky kid - delighting teachers and family members alike. My peers often thought I was strange, but that's okay because the less time I spent with people who didn't get me the more I spent on crafting entire universes inside my head. That's pretty intense. Anywho~ In between working on entries for this little slice of the blogging corner, I also write novels. Well, I try to. And when my creative well is running dry, I dabble in short stories and fictional blurbs. This is one such blurb. Enjoy. Writing Prompt:  There's an urban legend that's been circulating for years about a taxi cab that doesn't take you where you want to go, but where you need to go. One night, you step into this cab. She had missed her bus. She knew this immediately after exiting the office and checking her phone - 5:15 pm. The bus came, more or less, at 5:10 pm. But today h

OOTD: Fuchsia Suede Leggings

Fuchsia Suede Leggings - Express Fuchsia Sweater - H&M Cream Front-Tie Blouse - H&M Cheetah Flats - Kenneth Cole Collection I absolutely LOVE these gorgeous suede leggings from Express that I found at Goodwill a while back and just recently I acquired this loose-knit sweater that almost matches perfectly. I couldn't resist pairing them up together for a casual office look today! Definitely a darker fuchsia tone - but it's too pinkish to be a maroon or burgundy, I think.

뭐! K-Beauty at

There are a lot of online shopping sites out there to rival Ebay and Amazon - such as where you can find items for as little as $0 - just pay shipping and it'll come to you via slow boat from China three weeks later. *But my favorite is I've ordered from them twice now and all their packages show up in brightly colored orange boxes bearing the company name. Also, if you order over $25 worth of items, you get free shipping. Can't beat that! And they stock everything from affordable apparel, cleaning supplies, Tupperware, cheap makeup, and even Marvel action figures. But recently they opened up a new section featuring only K-Beauty products - from beloved and well known brands such as TONYMOLY, The Face Shop, Skin Food, and more. Here are some of my recommendations: This Peach-Shaped Hand Cream Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mist The SAEM Chocopie Hand Cream If you're looking for

Pop Pilates for Beginners: Week One COMPLETE! guys. You gals. You nonbinary pals..... I survived the first week of the Blogilates Beginner Calendar . And lemme tell you - I was sore. After the first few days, my midsection was so tender that I had a hard time crawling in and out of bed without groaning. My s.o. found it all very amusing. I missed a day in the middle of the week (my groove was thrown off because it was COLD outside and the boy was home from work) so I doubled up on Friday and really pushed myself. But otherwise, I did it! And I want to stress how important this is to me - I am the laziest person on the planet. And I say this in spite of the fact that I have some fairly debilitating mental illnesses - I am still the master of procrastination and if I can find a reason to justify not doing something, I absolutely will. So being able to stick this exercise thing out for an entire week is pretty amazing. That I intend to keep going? That I've found it to be a fun way to wind down from the stres

POP Pilates for Beginners: Ready, Set....Go!

POP Pilates This won't be the first time I've said it and I know it won't be the last. I don't really like exercising. I have always been a sedentary, introverted bookworm who'd rather stay cooped up in bed all winter then unroll my yoga mat and intentionally hurt myself. But it's the new year and I've been taking a pretty critical look at myself. And taking stock of where my health is, what condition my body is in, what my alcohol intake has been the last few months...I'm not happy. So rule #1 for January was cutting out beer completely. And aside from half a glass from the boy's bottle a few nights ago, I've been successful. I know it's gonna be a challenge - I've got the genes of a drunk Irish Catholic history to contend with and a habit of drinking several times a week to really face down and eliminate. But that's just the start. In order to get my health back on track, I need to start listening to my body and eatin

Winter Recipe: Easy Kimchi Stew (김치 찌개)

Woks of Life I'm a sucker for Korean food. Truly - and a couple of years ago this would not have been the case. You see, I can't handle spicy food all that well. Blame it on my watered down Irish and Polish genes (there is no blander food on planet earth than potatoes, for real) but it's taken me years to really warm up to dishes that contain some heat, if you know what I'm saying... About a year ago, the boy and I visited a Korean restaurant in the Twin Cities and since I adore kimchi, I decided to spring for their Kimchi Stew. Damn, was I in for a rude awakening - whatever chili flakes they used were hot enough to make it feel like my mouth was not only on fire but also bleeding . Even so, the stew was delicious. Korean cooking is daunting - yeah, I have a rice cooker I use regularly and yes, the local grocery store sells at least three varieties of bulgogi sauce, but beyond marinating strips of beef and serving it with rice, my experience with Korean cookin

5 OOTDs: Silver Bells and Holiday Chills

My holiday outfits for 2017: Winter Solstice Christmas Eve Christmas Day What I Wanted to Wear New Years Eve What I Actually Wore New Years Eve Bonus Shot of Awesome Boots: The holidays this year were insanely cold. As I'm typing this up on January 1st, it is currently 0° F outside my apartment and the wind chill is still pretty dismal. It was much colder last night and on December 25th. So while I had fancied wearing a much more slinky New Years Eve ensemble, the weather was simply not permitting.  On the Winter Solstice, my work place held a small Cookies and Tea Party for my department and a few people from other sectors also showed up. It was a nice little gathering and a perfect way to low-key celebrate Yule.  For Christmas Eve, the boy and I went to my mom's place since she was hosting this year. Her home is always very warm, so I felt safe bearing my shoulder in that lovely green frock from Target. I had been drooling ov