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Fashion and Identity

It's been commonly stated by many a fashionista and subculture adherent that what you wear says a very specific message to the world about who you are or what you're feeling. And while it may be true that fashion can be considered it's own form of language - with syntactic structure and rigid grammar rules - that language (just like spoken human language) is in constant flux.

PMHM: Dog Days of Summer

Here's a quick rundown of how I survive the baking temperatures of the Midwest during summertime.

Day....F**k this, Portland Sucked and We Left Early

We spent a total of one and a half days in Portland, Oregon. That was long enough to know that the city's aura did not get along with mine. Every city has it's own energy and vibe, and in Portland I felt anxious and attacked - no matter where we went or what we did.

Day 11: Miss Piggy

See the little pink house on the right there? That's where I am as I type this up. This adorable little guesthouse with a loft bedroom sits in N Beech St in Portland, OR. Which means we've arrived at our final vacation destination. We left just before noon, said goodbye to our Astoria hosts (which were lovely people) and headed out on US-26 through all the crazy mountain terrain - again, lovely. We stopped in Seaside to eat at Bigfoot's Bar and Grill - deep fried clams are quite yummy, who knew? actually rained. For the first time since we've come out west, it finally rained. We even had a spot of thunder here in the city. Not gonna lie, I'm slightly amazed. I mean...all the forecasts said it was going to be hot and sunny. But no, right now it's cool, breezy, and rained in. I'm really comfortable.

Day 9 and 10: Scenic Astoria

So Astoria is a cute little town - lots of convoluted hilly streets, the GPS hates it but I quite enjoyed it.   

Day 8: The After Party

We did have a great deal of fun in Merchant's Cafe. Choosing a high table near the bar, we ordered some drinks (Catie had a Bloody Mary and then we both tried Pyramid's apricot ale) and some light food (chicken nuggets and fries, anyone?) while having random conversation, researching the ghostly history of the bar, and taking some funny and ill-timed photos.

Day 6 and 7: Chilling with Catie

So yesterday we spent the day in the apartment. Both of us were suffering from heat exhaustion + major sunburn so we stayed out of the sun as much as possible. After Catie got back from work, we ordered pizza and then went out to watch the sunset over the Seattle skyline. That was pretty nice - she's got a great view from here. Then today we went back into town for Tea and Crumpets (yes, always capitalized because of awesome) and the strolled around back towards the greatest retro and rockabilly shop ever. It's called Divas and Dames or Diva Dollz - either is accurate I guess. They only have one branch here in Seattle, one more in New Orleans and they're thinking about opening an outlet in Aspen. Plus their website should officially be up and running within the year and then I can order online. In the meantime though, I did get two lovely dresses from the shop. The girls who work there are SO lovely and nice, I had a good time. If I moved to Seattle, I would be tota

Day 5: Alki Beach and Sunburn

Yesterday the boy and I drove over to West Seattle to visit Alki beach, which is one of the few "sandy" beaches in the area. We lucked out with another beautiful sunny day and spent a good chunk of time wandering along the Alki Trail and then sitting on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze and waves. This little house on the left was covered in a cool rock facade. A lovely view of the city skyline.

Day 4: Another romp around Seattle

So yesterday we were up at the butt-crack of dawn because our hosts were upstairs tromping around and chattering quite loudly in Punjabi. I imagine none of their guests have ever alerted them to how little sound insulation they have in these prefab home structures... We decided to go on the Underground Tour with Catie yesterday because she hadn't done it yet and I thought it would be really interesting to see. I took a ton of photos (see yesterday's photo dump) hoping to get an orb or some ghostly apparition, but outside of the first underground area we visited, I didn't feel anything particularly odd or charged about the place. Maybe too much living energy present.... After that we stumbled around a bit more and wound up in the international district which was awesome. They have a Kinokuniya bookstore there and this large Asian market called Uwajimaya. I wanted to buy like....everything. I NEED to live somewhere with a large asian market. No lie. We also ate at one

Photo Dump: Seattle + Underground Tour

Day 3: Seattle, The City Itself

We left our room at the Ramada Inn around 8:40 am and headed west for Seattle. We drove through some desert like terrain and absolutely HAD TO STOP and take some pretty photos. It was breathtaking and the air was so fresh! Once in the city, we meandered through ridiculous traffic conditions to our home away from home. We tried calling their cell a few times and no one answered to we wandered around the neighborhood for a bit (we saw at least two homeless people in the park across the street and a thug looking dude started to follow us from a bus stop) before calling up my friend Catie and making plans to meet downtown. We did get a call back from our host though, so we unloaded stuff in our room (which I still need to get pics of, but later!) and then ventured back into traffic and through the crazy winding one-way streets near Pioneer Square. There we met up with Catie and wandered around. We ate in a little diner inside Pike Place - teriyaki salmon burg

Day 2: Montana to Washington

We left the hotel about 9:15 am and set out across Montana. We stopped for gas right away and then we were off. Montana is absolutely gorgeous - lots of badlands scenery and rocky mountain sides. I even saw a small juniper tree growing out of the middle of a giant rock - I kid you not! It was really cool looking. All the rivers and lakes we drove by looked so blue and clear - it really made me itch to go swimming but that urge has mostly passed now. The only downside was ALL THE DAMNED CONSTRUCTION going through the mountain passes. As if those winding roads aren’t dangerous enough, they go and cut off a lane of traffic here or there for a few miles. All of the rerouting and “reduce speed ahead” nonsense probably added at least an hour to our travel time. Going through Idaho was sketchy - we needed gas and had to pull off on some dirt road in a little industrial town. They only had one gas station. With one pump, but the cashier was really frie

Day 1: Minnesota to North Dakota

It's 8 am and I'm sitting in a dingy motel room. Last night was insane. We left home around 4 pm, and had to take a detour around the next town to get onto I-94. But then we were on our way. We didn't stop until we got close to Moorhead/Fargo to fill up on gas and use the restroom. Then it was back to the road again. North Dakota is empty. Except for Valley City (yeah, I'm sure you're imagining that correctly) the terrain was flat, mostly brown, and never-ending. It was probably pushing 10:30 or 11 pm when we stopped for more gas in New Salem. I got myself a delicious Vanilla Mocha BLAST coffee to stay awake and good thing, because about an hour later traffic (what little of it there was) had come to a screeching halt on the freeway. Police car blocked both lanes and was directing people to the nearest exit. He told us to take it, go north until we reach Hebron and then take 10 until we came back around to I-94. So after about 30 minutes of winding around

Pre-Vacation: The Last Minutes

After the boy gets off work tomorrow, we're heading out. We cleaned out the car and vacuumed it, put Rain-X on all the windows. We've got snacks and food items ready to go. I'm fully packed, but now I've gotta get the boy's stuff ready. Poor thing has no clue what to stuff in his bag. :) I can't really think at the moment of what we might be missing, but I'm sure tomorrow morning I'll be running around like a headless chicken making sure all the last minute stuff is secure. And even then, I'll probably forget something minor (although crucial). Oh well.... So after we get going, we'll hop on the interstate and head towards Fargo. Then it's through North Dakota, past Billings, Montana, across a tiny stretch of Idaho and at least....beautiful Washington. I'm really quite excited, I can only imagine the different types of scenery and terrain we'll encounter. And places along the way we'll stop. I'll be posting photos and su