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The Anti-Morning Routine

If you're a fellow blogger or you just read a lot of blogs (like I do) you'll have noticed the influx of "perfect morning routine" posts over the last few years. Quite often, they contain advice that no normal human could possibly adhere to all the time:

Wake up at 5 am every single morning and drink a giant glass of lemon water!Spend no less than 30 minutes meditating!Eat a nutritional breakfast - admittedly, this one is probably a good idea...Practice gratitude (spend 10 minutes journaling about what you're thankful for)!Go for a brisk walk or twist your way through an entire yoga practice!Read at least five pages of a book or newspaper!Style your hair and wear a full face of natural looking makeup!Check your emails and get a jump start on the day!
I'm not a morning person by nature and believe me, I've tried to change that several times. Weeks would go by where I tried desperately to stick to a prescribed morning routine and join the legions of other s…

Who's the Real Abuser? - What Happens in a Toxic Relationship

I never wrote about this in detail on this blog, but I was in a very toxic relationship for four years prior to dating the wonderful person I'm with now. Truthfully, I'd been caught up in a pattern of less than healthy romantic entanglements for much of my youth and maybe this was, in part, due to the fact that I had no successful relationships to model mine after while growing up.

The reason I want to write about this now is because of the recent audio that has come to light regarding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's two hour therapy session in which she admits not only to hitting Depp but also verbally lashing out and throwing things at him.

I want to talk about this because....well....

People who are abused can also exhibit abusive behaviors when provoked.

We like to portray victims of abuse as scared, sniveling, and passive participants in a toxic situation - cowering in a corner or acquiescing to avoid a worse outcome. But being abused can also make a person really angr…