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New and Improved Dorm Room

I've slowly but surely been making my room here just a bit homier and more comfortable. It's by no means finished and I really wish I could do away with the ugly blue walls, but c'est la vie.

Happy "Just Fuck Off" Day

What, don't believe me? This shit is legit - it's an event on Facebook, lol.
Facebook Event Page

Shopping for Goth Stuff or...

(Perusing the Halloween Selection at Target)

Halloween Giveaway!

Raven Fae is having a lovely little giveaway over on her blog. She's giving away some of her handmade Etsy creations, all Halloween themed. They're absolutely adorable. I suggest you enter too! Maybe you'll win something!

Halloween Goodies

First things first: 

Hi! I decided to take just a quick snapshot today since I was photographing my pretty new ooky-spooky things!
Moving on:

All of these were picked up at Target, with the exception of the long sleeved top, I actually found that one at Walmart. 

I'm so in love with my spider necklace. It's huge, it's chunky, and it's a little heavy too. I definitely won't forget it's hanging around my neck. If I remember correctly, it only cost about $15.00. The second photo is a fantastic bracelet - keys, crosses, and stakes, the perfect handheld tool for slaying miniature vampires. Also at Target for just under $10.00. The first top there has such a lovely printed image, plus glitter! I was a little bit leery at first, since glitter tends to flake off everywhere. But I ran my fingers over that shirt a million times before concluding it was safe to buy. The last photo contains a very cute t-shirt from Target ($8.00) - I love pairing that up with jeans with a pair…

Ooky-Spooky in a different way...

So I went to my Pagan Alliance club meeting last night. First meeting for me, even though they met once last week. I was promptly invited to sit in their little circle by probably the most loudmouthed person in the whole group. I can't remember her name off the top of my head, so I'll just call her Chatty. I got a good look around the room and tried to see if I could flesh out what kind of people I was dealing with here. Quite a variety it seems. A few Norse pagans, Hellenic (Greek), a couple of eclectics and then a newb like myself interested in Wicca. Lovely.....

When the meeting began, the president, Michael - whom everyone calls Kitty, so I shall too - talked briefly about what kind of meetings would be held, what kind of stuff we could do for sabbats and Atwood After Dark events. I guess he wants the club to be pretty visible. He wanted to know how many people were interested in doing divination for the public at those campus events...

Well I'm not sure how my faeries…