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One Item Several Ways #1

Remember this dress I posted up a while back where I said I would do one of those posts where I try it on a million different ways and see what kind of coordinations look best? Well I did attempt it earlier this month but I really only got four decent looks out of it based on what little I have sitting in my dorm room closet.  Here goes: 1.)  Here I paired the dress up with some black leggings, striped socks, my trademark biker boots, and a pinstripe blazer I picked up at a thrift shop a while back. Not the best look, but for a casual day.... 2.) Goodness, these pictures really are shite, aren't they? Anyways, here I wore it with a faux leather vest, some simple flats, and a bit of statement jewelry. It makes for a great daytime look in the summer and transitions well for a night out also. 3.) A little bit more school girl, I guess. I exchanged the vest for a ruffled black one and added some knee socks. A side ponytail makes it a bit girlier.  4.) T

Gothy Goods Haul

Like I said in my previous post, I did a bit of shopping over the weekend (or rather the boyfriend bought me lovely new things to make me smile) and I promised to post pictures. So here we go! This purse is a $12 Walmart find. It's really cute and quite roomy on the inside too. I like how it kind of resembles an old traveling bag or perhaps a physician's satchel full of obscure looking tools.  Granted, it's a touch more modern and has some cute dangly bits hanging off it! I also found a cheap pair of jeans whilst at Walmart and a pair of black trousers, but alas I completely forgot to take photos. I'm wearing the jeans today, however, and I think they're my new favorite pair. The button clasp features a yin-yang image of Egyptian-esque felines and there is similar embroidery on one of the back pockets. I adore naturally I needed to own these. I needed to use my Target coupon as well, since it was a 20% off coupon for women's dresses and Target

I don't write poetry often....

...but when I do, this is the garbage that spews forth: In an ideal world Everyone would be kind. There'd be no hatred and crime And everything would be fine. But when I look around I see sadness and lies, so much hatred and fire... I just sit and I cry.

Remember the Quadratic Formula, kids!

I had a math test at 9:30 am today. That was obnoxious, considering I slept like shit. I even forgot to set my alarm, so it's a miracle I woke up on time.  After that I had to sit through a Philosophy of Religion class that was practically empty - I guess everyone else wanted to sleep in too. After that it was off to Bio Life, where Sue stuck a needle through my vein, from the inside. This is the second time that's happened, but of course the first time was a mistake and a faulty vein. This vein was fine, she just jabbed the needle in too viciously and too deep. Bitch. I don't like when she sticks me anyways, it always hurts. Tessa is good. I would prefer to get her every time, but oh well....v_v Damn...this week has overall really sucked and been full of emotional turmoil. Thank the gods that tomorrow is Friday and I can fucking go home in the evening. But! I did try to cheer myself up by wearing something new. I occasionally scope out the kid's section at Target b

One Item: Ten Coordinates

You know, as I recall....I was going to take photos of my recent Target haul and show you the cute things I bought last weekend right? Well, I will get around to it, but in a different way. I want to try doing a couple of interesting fashion-based posts. And I want to make them interesting, so I'm going to do one of those One Time Ten Ways sort of themes.  The item chosen for my first of such entries is this little number I picked up at Target: A slim fitting sleeveless dress that ends just above the knee. It's gray with pieces of black fabric sewn on to make stripes that tend to go in quite random directions, as you can see. Stay tuned, in a few days I'll put up the post with me wearing this dress ten different ways! ^_^