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Goals for 2018

I'll start this off by saying I am not the type to make New Years Resolutions. A person used to be able to cajole me into it when I was younger and I would offer up the obligatory "get healthier" or "be more social" or even, "learn a new skill" but the problem with that was...I wasn't invested in any of those things. And they were most definitely too vague.

What did I mean by get healthier?

Why should I be more social? I'm a happy introvert!

A new skill? Which one and how?

So I don't make resolutions anymore. And neither should you.

Instead, I set goals for myself - things I want to achieve by the end of the next year and I create steps to reach those goals. So what's on the docket this year? Let's see:

1.) Learn to play at least one Lindsey Stirling song on my violin. You see, last year I bought myself a cheap violin off Ebay as an incentive for me to finally learn how to play. But violins are loud and when you are a novice they …

K-Drama Review: Black (2017)

Black is everything I love in a Korean drama. It has a solid blend of serious and funny characters, a rousing and constantly twisting story-line, a multitude of unsolved crimes that all link back to each other and beautiful cinematography - even if I think they might have been a bit heavy-handed on the use of fake blood sometimes. 

The story centers itself around 444 - a grim reaper from the underworld feared for his cold and ruthless approach to death and human souls, who finds himself occupying the body of a recently deceased detective in order to track down his wayward grim reaper partner - a young man who had recently committed suicide and refused to cut ties with his past life. 

Kang Ha Ram is a girl who has always been able to see the shadow of death on people and because of this, she wears dark sunglasses all the time to avoid seeing them clearly. She doesn't realize, of course, that what she's seeing are grim reapers following around a human who's about to die.


Blogstice 2017 - A Year in Review

2017 was an eventful year for a lot of reasons, and some of them less pleasant than others. But for this post, I want to focus on some of the good and memorable things that happened to me this year.

❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆
At the beginning of January this year, I started a new job as administrative support for a growing interpreting agency. It was my first real office job where I was able to put my computer skills to work and help out a seriously floundering department.Tyler and I celebrated our second year together in February - we were finally able to afford to go out and eat/drink somewhere nice. My company moved to a new location and expanded my commute time, but I gained a corner office with three windows - which was a major step up from the basement suite we were previously located in - and a raise. I still kind of miss how janky the old place was though...In August we moved into an apartment that was much more sizeable than our shoe-box studio on Summit Hill. It's still kind of a work in p…

Blogstice 2017: Apartment Decorating

A quick run to Target last weekend and I was able to procure 99% of the holiday decor I had my eye on.

Blogstice 2017: Holiday Wardrobe Palette

❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆
So I've never been a fan of the whole capsule wardrobe thing - it feels very restricting and frankly, only works for those with a more 'minimalist' sense of style. Which is all well and good if that's your thing, but it's not mine. Not even close. I'm like, the dictionary definition of eclectic - especially when it comes to clothing choices and style preferences.

But when it comes to the holidays, and knowing how to dress for them, having a wardrobe color palette can be super helpful.

What does this mean, though?

It means choosing a handful of colors that you like to wear (or in this case, prefer for the holidays) and sticking with 'em.

❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆

My holiday palette colors are decidedly traditional - there's just something really nostalgic about red and green for the winter holidays, but I'm not a fan of straight up primary or secondary colors. Why should I be - when there's a whole plethora of tints and hues to choose from?
1.) I'm …

Blogstice 2017: December 7th

Okay, first thing's first: what the heck is "blogstice?" Well it's a written blog iteration of vlogstice - which got its start as a Youtube tag for new age and pagan 'vloggers' to make videos throughout the month of December regarding the Winter Solstice or Yule. A festive alternative to daily Christmas posts, I suppose.

Since I no longer regularly operate my Youtube channel - I thought I would do this in written format on this blog here. I don't often post about my witchy nature on this blog, but there are so many festive winter holidays that are NOT Christmas, that'd I be remiss if I didn't try to do at least one of them justice.

The Winter Solstice is my jam. For real. It's a day when number of light hours is balanced with the number of dark hours, signaling a return of the sun and a promise of warmer days to  come. It's a festival of light - candles, fairy lights, bonfires, the open hearth - and celebration of family and the cooperati…

❅ Hygge All The Way ❅

Hygge - A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being

For me, the winter holidays have always been associated with the blistering cold of MN, feet upon feet of crisp white snow, and the same strands of multicolored twinkling Christmas lights that have adorned the family (faux) tree for decades. How do string lights even last that long?! 

This year I want to aim for something a little cozier and softer - drawing upon the Scandinavian concept of "hygge" - to create a winter nest in my apartment that will serve as a retreat from the harsh realities of office work and public transit on snow-covered city streets. 

So, I have a couple of ideas for how to make that happen and I'm slowly implementing them as I have time and funds. 

1.) One thing I'd really like to incorporate into my winter decor are piles upon piles of soft, plush throw blankets and faux fur rugs draping everything. I want to be able to walk across my l…

Five Dresses in Five Days

There's something I really love about dresses - they're pretty, elegant, sharp, classy, and all other manner of potentially feminine adjectives but what I lost most about dresses is how darned easy they are to coordinate into passable outfits - especially at work.

So my challenge this past week was to wear a dress every day - all week.

On Monday, I wore my new button-down shirt dress with the embellished collar. This dress is actually sheer, so I had to wear a black slip under it - I'm looking forward to coordinating this with all manner of different colored leggings and under layers to really play it up this season!

Tuesday morning was also uncharacteristically warm, so I again opted for bare legs. I wore my favorite cream blouse with tie-front under a simple LBD and my favorite strappy flats. My hair was a little wonky this morning, so it went up into a classic half-up, half-down style.

Interpreter Orientation day at work called for something a l…

Winter is Coming...

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Brace yourselves....the season is upon us.