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Halloween Post Roundup!

As promised, here are all the October or Halloween themed posts I've ever written, compiled for you in one location for your reading pleasure. Enjoy: How To Goth Up Your Office Look ~ The Darkling Tag~ My Spooky Apartment Decor Five Obscure Scary Movies You Should Watch This Halloween Why I'm So Fond of Halloween Halloween OOTD: The Mummy 20 Questions for Discovering Your Own Magic Are you a good witch or a bad witch? ~Spooky and Witchy Things To Do For Halloween~ 13 Things That Frighten Me ~The October Blog Tag~ Urban Legends: Which Have You Tried? 🦇🦇 Happy Halloween! 🦇🦇

Prepping for NaNoWriMo 2018

Every year I tell myself I'm going to commit and every year I fall through. Something always comes up - urgent work projects, illness, family emergencies, just plain bad weather and bad moods, etc... But this time, I'm going to make a plan and stick with it for this year's National Novel Writing Month. Most people start from scratch for NaNoWriMo - they dust off one of their many plot bunnies and build from the ground up. That's all well and good, but I have at least two (2) unfinished manuscripts sitting on my Google Drive and I've made the decision to work on completing one of them. Now, we're just talking about the first draft - not edits and not revision. So, to hold myself accountable and hopefully garner a bit of support and feedback, I'm going to share with you all the opening ( unfinished ) scene of said novel: Altered: REboot:// displaced.exe The car was burning along the side of the railroad tracks. Twisted pieces of metal and gree

Urban Legends: Which Have You Tried?

If you were a kid in the 90's and early 00's like I was, I bet at least one of these games or challenges came up at a sleepover. Maybe it was a dare between siblings. Urban legends are a fascinating thing - often because they were told as something that happened to a friend of a friend or a distant relative - making them seem plausibly true while still horrifying. Most urban legends are just creepy stories, like the Man with the Hook, that are incredibly outdated ( who goes "parking" these days to make out with their sweetheart anyway? That's what Netflix and Chill is for. ) but some are still relevant for today's youth. Have you tried any of these? Bloody Mary Bloody Mary is the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people - a horror film was even made about this character. Her origin story is a bit shaky; was she killed by her husband, did she murder her baby, is she the Queen of Scotland? None of that is really important... Here's how you play

The October Blog Tag

Created by Oh Luna and snagged from Dorkface , The October Blog Tag seems like the perfect way to wrap up October and introduce myself to some of my newer readers. (Hello, new readers from the Twitter realm!) LET’S START! Name? Michaela (or Mykki) What is your favourite colour? Gunmetal grey, burgundy, teal, or black. What did you do today? Sat around the office from 9-5 wrapping up whatever usually needs doing on a weekday, popped home for lunch (just leftovers) and after work I settled down my with Chromebook to make sure all my prep work for NaNoWriMo was squared away. Also watched an episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Where are you currently? In the dining room, at my table. Where I'm usually sat. What is your star sign? Libra as my sun sign. Aquarius as my moon sign. They both, more or less, fit me. Cake or Ice cream. Goodness, can I pass on both? I don't really do sweets but if I have to pick - cake. Red velvet or carrot.

~13 Things That Frighten Me~

To preface, I was heavily inspired by blog about a latte who recently published a version of their own on thirteen fears they have and it was very informative and interesting - I couldn't resist making a post of my own and attempting to explore some of my own inner fears and things that make me go ~ SQUICK~! Networking Events Maybe this one doesn't scare a lot of people, but as a hardcore introvert who would rather stay home than put myself out there in a public setting literally designed to promote yourself or your business.... ....Most Men If you were bitten by a very scary dog once in your life, nobody would bat an eye if you said you were now afraid of dogs. It'd be a perfectly natural response to one traumatic instance in your life. Imagine then, being brutally victimized by more than one man and still being told that your wariness and fear is unfounded. Ouch! Rape and Sexual Assault Piggy-backing off the previous fear, the idea of having your bod

BIRCHBOX October 2018 Unboxing + Review

I gotta say, Birchbox is doing something right with their curated boxes, since I end up picking those 90% of the time over their sample selection and personalized boxes. October's box did not disappoint! The Rundown: ITTSE Pearl Eyeshadow in Metamorphosis Laura Geller Nude Kisses Hugging Lip Gloss in Blushing R+CO Acid Wash ACV Cleansing Rinse Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream SAND & SKY Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliation Treatment "Enhance your eyes with this rich, bronze shade that has a pearlized metallic sheen. Wear it alone or add it to the exclusive ittse x Birchbox Customizable Palette." "This pre-shampoo treatment gets rid of product buildup by using naturally exfoliating apple cider vinegar extract. Use the targeted applicator to apply onto your scalp when hair is wet, massage, and rinse after 1-3 minutes." "Swipe on this shimmer shade of pinky-mauve to perk up your lips. The creamy, moisturizing formula g