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Skulduggery Pleasant: Book Review and Fandom Love

Skulduggery Pleasant - ace detective and fireball throwing mage of epic proportions. Protector, friend, and ally of one twelve year old Stephanie Edgely. He's also a skeleton. A walking, talking, living skeleton.

Fuckin' awesome.

So I picked up the first book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series at the library the other day and read it in one go. It was that good. Rated for 9+, it's technically considered a middle-grader book series but there's enough wit, sarcasm, and plot intrigue to keep anyone interested. Mr. Pleasant himself is an absolute treat as a character - he's smart, cocky, and rather endearing. He's also great taste in fashion - yes to anyone who appreciates a good pinstripe suit. He's like the undead version of Frank Sinatra.

I thought I was going to be rather annoyed that a twelve year old girl was the main protagonist, but she surprised me greatly. She's obviously no normal girl and that becomes clear later in the book, but I loved how sh…