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Goth Challenge Week 15

Favorite Hairstyle

I'm not even gonna lie, I totally love the death hawk as a hairstyle within the Goth community. It's not something I would ever do to my own hair, but I enjoy the look of it. If I ever feel creative (and have enough time to devote to it) I might attempt a "faux" version of this:

What I might try:

What's the wildest hairstyle you've ever attempted (or succeeded!) to pull off?

*huff huff huff* Welcome to Summer!

Summer is not a season for the Goth - not by any stretch of the imagination. Days where it barely reaches 70 degrees F? Perfect! Today is nearly 90 (that's 32+/- for you celsius folks!) and it's awful. Sure, I missed the sunshine and the warm breezes, but not this heat. can have it. All of it. Please.

So....recent news:

That gorgeous Moitie dress from Japan arrived. It's the Silent Moon Long OP - in perfect condition!~

My kitten is still a freaking weirdo. I swear she confuses herself for a dog sometimes - today she was gnawing on a piece of wood, just like a dog does to a bone. 

My foot scar from my surgery a year ago. If it wasn't for this red line on the side of my foot, it's like nothing ever happened. I expected arthritis or something....but no. Woohoo!~

I'm settled rather comfortably back at my mom's place so I'll do a room tour again in a few days. Still need to figure out where to keep some of my stuff for the summer, I have so much crap!…

I'm Free!

Well, it's May and school's over for the year. Whew!~ I made it, but just barely. The weather's finally decent now so I'm looking forward to cute shoes and lacy dresses. Might even dye my hair again too!

Of course, in about a month, this is where I'll be at:

Goth Challenge Week 14

Wardrobe Blunders! So many regrets, but so many laughs!

Back in high school, my friend Emily (who wasn't exactly a sharp dresser herself, back then) gave me a pair of her Tripp bondage pants. My badass sixteen year old self thought they were the most awesome thing ever. Now, I look back and cringe when I remember going to school wearing something that absolutely DID NOT flatter my body. 

The real kicker - I wore these for my senior photos. 18 I am immortalized as a Hot Topic mall rat. Shoot me please?

I still have a soft spot for brightly colored fishnet, but good god...I really didn't know how to wear it when I was younger. And when you have MASSIVE BOOBS, fishnet doesn't exactly give you much coverage, if you know what I mean?

Of course, my biggest blunder was blowing almost $100 on a Hot Topic quality dress that touted itself as "Lolita" - it was a lace monster of epic proportions and there exist no photos of it anymore. Thankfully - the closest you can …

Goth Challenge Week 13

How I Accessorize:

On the average day, I tend to keep it pretty simple. A necklace or two, maybe a bracelet and a ring if I feel up to it. Most often, unless I'm dressed up, I don't bother putting anything in my hair but I do love to slip on some cute hair clips or a hat.